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NBA 2K21 Xbox Series X Gameplay Video - Brooklyn Nets vs. Golden St. Warriors (25 Minutes)


NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 Xbox Series X Gameplay Video - Brooklyn Nets vs. Golden St. Warriors (25 Minutes)

GhostRobo provides the commentary and posted some new NBA 2K21 gameplay footage from the Xbox Series X. It features over 25 minutes of gameplay, featuring the Brooklyn Nets vs. Golden St. Warriors, from the newest camera angle.

NBA 2K21 will release globally on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10. The game releases on November 12 for PlayStation 5, here in the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. The rest of the PlayStation 5 world will see it on November 19.


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  1. Optik
    Someone turned the contrast waaaay down. That yellow looks depressing.

    That is how HDR is recorded unless they go and edit in the colors, it will look better on TV or someone editing the footage with the colors after
    Hmmmm...I just thought about the possibility of Day 1 patch for this game that might add to the graphics.

    Feel like it will look a little different with HDR enabled too.
    I notice the players really look good when they're 'warmed up' and have sweat - before that when they're dry they are not nearly ias impressive.
    It's kind of cool they don't start that way, but at the same time, maybe they should because the skin doesn't look impressive until the reflections start happening.
    I absolutely love the camera too.
    One thing 2k could start doing is adding some slow motion replays and get rid of the herky jerky ones because professional camera operators don't do that. and in the playoffs they add super slow motion, but no one is moving around violently. They did tone it down a bit because they added new angles, but they could make 3-balls look sice with smooth speed ramps and so on.
    The colour - I really can't tell, I have uploaded a few clips and sometimes they look washed a bit compared to actual gameplay, but some of these dudes might be capturing better than me because a) it's the series x and b) maybe there are settign I've overlooked.
    Even if those colours are true, I'm ok with it and if it really bugged me I'd consider moving he saturation level up on my tv.
    I'm really looking forward to this 2k though, the gameply looks great - much better than any previou 2k imo.
    Overall, the game is a good improvement. Here's some takeaways:
    • The game appears to be on rookie/pro difficulty. Play execution may have been better from the CPU on higher settings, but I'm not sure as tendencies are probably untouched.
    • Dribbling & Movement looked great! A lot more fluid and natural. I even seen player switch the ball between hands in the correct scenarios. When players blew by perimeter defenders there was no sliding or excessive "wall-up" defense to recover. Freedom of movement definitely stood out to me.
    • While sig. shots need to be updated, I seen some nice new pullups, new contests on shots around the rim, as well as proper layup animations in the appropriate context.
    • Defensive P&R actions from the AI need to improve next year.
    • Even though players at times still get caught in animations, they seem to initiate more at the correct moments. No unrealistic contests or blocks from 30 feet behind the player or weird contact in unwarranted sequences.
    • Both the user & CPU played sub-average basketball. Sometimes playstyles can make a game appear worse than what it is. I felt the user could've laid off the speed and swung the ball a bit more to show some freelance action. It would've also been nice to see Steph & Klay in the midst of more off-ball movement coming off of pindowns, but I understand the prospect in trying to grasp the feel of a new game.
    • I can't wait to see how this game plays with more accurate rosters (sig. shots/layup/dribble packages) and tendencies. The CPU's execution on set plays was less than stellar: I didn't see enough use of different moves around the rim, there was very little post play, the stepback wasn't utilized enough and there were too many instances of "full steem ahead" reactions.
    • Some colors seem a bit washed; a reaction to the lighting, I suppose, but still.
    • Some players/coaches are deserving of new facescans (ie. Jimmy Butler/Steve Nash). If every player is scanned the way Steph & Klay were in the future... Lord have mercy.
    • The RT/reflections make a huge impression. Graphics look insane for JUST the 1st year of next-gen!
    Hmmmm...I just thought about the possibility of Day 1 patch for this game that might add to the graphics.

    I agree there should be a HUGE day one patch addressing the following:
    - Clothes physics for all moving person inside the arena. (this clothes is not part of their body, especially the torso)
    - Hair movement even for braided ones (Mcgee, Howard for example)
    - Team mates picking up player on the floor.(this is happening all the time in NBA games)
    - Some clippings
    - Body types (this players really need to have some fat on them upper part and lower part)
    - Weight / Gravity (players still hover around as if they floating)
    - Replays (still doesn't show the full highlight with different angles)
    - Halftime show (nothings new???????)
    - Crowd reaction still not sync to whats happening.
    - Arena sound and commentator is not Sync.
    - with 150 new crowd animation i was hoping that they can show crowd dancing, wilding out, showing them in the big screen while on time out or cut scene while on charity strike.
    - Player appearance for some as its obvious.
    - CPU off ball collision non existence.
    - Players altercation for too much body contact.
    - Player not finishing their dribble as if the ball is stick to the hands.
    - Head pass when players 2 inch away is still happening need to be remove.
    - Crowd is not wearing of any team jersey anymore?? vintage and new ones. what happened?
    Please make this a priority comment and make a discussion about this for the 2K Devs to notice this as it will help the game more, instead of discussing my player and park all the time in every thread.
    I’m probably in the minority, but I like the camera that’s in the last generation game better. I’m talking about the one you see while watching CPU vs CPU that goes from basket to basket in a horizontal manner. I hope that’s still an option.
    Please make it where we can upload and download arena music to the vault. Have it blaring from the arena sound system during timeouts and pre-game.
    Didn't expect the XBSX version to look choppier frame rate-wise, compared to the PS5 version. Is it just me? And EA needs to stop hiding Madden so we can compare those versions too.

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