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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Point Guard and Center LeBron Now Here in One Card

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NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Point Guard and Center LeBron Now Here in One Card

Position locks? Never heard of ’em! Absurdity reigns and continues to do so within NBA 2K20 MyTeam as the latest batch of new cards further makes a fool of things like position locks. Most of us figured this would happen after 2K announced there would be position locks before 2K20 came out, but for me it’s still sad to see how crazy it’s all become. Yes, the latest pack release is the “out of position” pack, which means out of position LeBron James — among others.

This is not the first batch of “out of position” players we have received so it’s not shocking. More, it’s just the absurdity of doing this big batch all at once that’s “offensive” to me more than anything.

Galaxy opal LeBron James at PG/C, galaxy opal Draymond Green at PG/C, pink diamond Dennis Rodman at SG/SF (and also shoots 3s!), diamond Russell Westbrook at PF/C, and amethyst Spud Webb at C/PG.


Oh, and somehow the most horrifying thing might be the collection reward of galaxy opal Thon Maker at SF/PG.

A new locker code came out alongside these new packs as well.

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