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NBA 2K20 MyTeam Moments: Three Pink Diamonds and an Amethyst

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NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam Moments: Three Pink Diamonds and an Amethyst

Four new Moments players hit MyTeam today, including pink diamond Jayson Tatum, pink diamond C.J. McCollum, pink diamond Bradley Beal and amethyst Coby White. I’ll quickly run through these four players for today and full reviews will be up tomorrow. My early take is there is no one who is really going to stand out here in the end. Every card seems to either have an obvious flaw or just doesn’t reach a new height. Sadly, since the genie is already out of the bottle, it makes it harder to make these cards mean something when we have already reached a level where so many cards are insanely good.

Pink Diamond Jayson Tatum – MyTeam Moments

pink diamond jayson tatum

Quick Analysis: Tatum will have some hype, and if anyone is going to break out of this group, I would expect it to be Tatum because of that. His price is a little high right now, but the card itself is basically his last pink diamond (Moments of the Week) with better badges. He gets 9 new HOF badges here, but somewhere between his amethyst and pink diamond the shot release got worse. So I’ll have to see what version of his shot he is using here.

Pink Diamond Bradley Beal – MyTeam Moments

pink diamond bradley beal

Quick Analysis: Beal does not have Clamps, so I should just say next and move on. I won’t quite do that, but without Clamps this card has an obvious ceiling. His diamond card was interesting but it did not have Clamps either. Again, Beal probably does not deserve Clamps, but the point is these cards are not usable on the whole without it — at least not when you get to this level of rating. 2K has already accepted that Steady Shooter is bad and removed it from everyone (more or less), and they probably just need to give gold Clamps to everyone above a certain overall rating now as well. After all, as soon as you put Beal on your team, you know unless you really game the system you’re going to be going against top-level guards with crazy speed. He was already really fun on offense, so maybe he’s a TTO option, but I won’t be spending too much time with him.

Pink Diamond C.J. McCollum – MyTeam Moments

pink diamond c.j. mccollum

Quick Analysis: McCollum is the player who looks like he could be the best of the four, but I don’t think he will garner the same hype as Tatum. He’s got dual-position eligibility and is 6-foot-3 so he’s solid at point guard. He does get gold Clamps this time around, and his shot is generally a delight. He also has HOF Dimer and basically looks like an incredibly balanced offensive player. His lack of dunking will hurt him, but he should still work well at point guard. Again, since everyone is running around with 95+ speed point guards now, McCollum may not have the juice to compete, but he looks like he could be fun for a change of pace.

Amethyst Coby White – MyTeam Moments

amethyst coby white

Quick Analysis: To me, the only really enjoyable part of team building left in MyTeam this year is trying to find the lower-rated players who can help you compete against the team of pink diamonds and galaxy opals. I want Coby White to be that player, but I don’t think this version ends up quite getting there. He’s got good height, and I have loved using him in Play Now Online when doing Tier 3 games with the Bulls. He also has a really fluid shot and terrific animations. That being said, he does not have Range Extender and even with gold Clamps he’s probably going to be rather slow as an on-ball defender due to the lateral quickness. Still, I’m hopeful because he’s been good to me this year.

Full reviews tomorrow, in the meantime you can look a little more closely at these players over at 2KMTCentral.

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