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NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Best of 2K20 Packs

Best of 2k20 packs splash screen

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 MyTeam: Best of 2K20 Packs

The best of NBA 2K20 packs are out for the next three days and are exactly what the title implies. They are some of the best cards that have been released in packs so far in NBA 2K20. So what does that mean and what cards were not included?

Best of 2k20 packs

Well, the NBA 2K20 selling point is you’re guaranteed “at least a ruby” in packs that cost a minimum of 17,500 MT. I’m going to need more than that to get excited about these with that in mind. It’s quite a price to pay for these packs, so it has stopped some from opening them, which as helped the market a little bit.

That being said, there’s still some prices cratering at this juncture for some of the players in these packs. Two of the hardest hit players are John Stockton and Wilt Chamberlain since these packs add to the influx of cards that were already there with the promo code on Christmas.

Best of 2k20 packs available players

Some of the big players not included in this set include the diamond Ben Simmons who can play point guard. Another big one is the recently released Tracy McGrady and any other players from the last Prime set. This is most likely because you can still buy those cards in packs in the store.

All in all, the price of the packs may keep prices from completely tanking in the marketplace, but this continues a trend where you really have to be careful about what cards you hold onto for any amount of time. Investing in cards is a dangerous game with all these super packs popping up right now.

Either way, remember kids, a super pack by any other name is still a super pack. So, as always, hunt that marketplace and avoid buying the best of NBA 2K20 packs with real money.

Promo Codes

There are two promo codes to mention before finishing up, and they are as follows:

This gets you a board with a Deluxe Heat Check pack, Deluxe League pack, or 2,500 MT.

The better code is this one:

It is very hard to hit the 10 token spot on the board, so you are almost guaranteed 20 or 30 tokens.

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  1. What a lame-butt holiday stretch for 2k. They should have had Xmas day moments ready to drop on NYE/NY. Too much time has passed. I'm still having fun b/c I'm making it for myself, and I'm having a lot of success in the auction house b/c of all the recycled content, but I'd prefer to feel as though I accomplished something by snagging cards like MotW Anthony Davis the first time around while considering how to pair him with a hypothetical Xmas Day Patrick Beverly instead of hoarding and flipping cards that have come before to people who are playing catch-up. It also makes for some horribly disjointed teams online where everyone is just throwing chaos gemstone lineups with PD Wilt instead of crafting a team of players they know and like b/c of the deluge of "greatest hits" cards. UGH!

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