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NBA 2K20: College Hoops 2K20 (PC) Trailer, Courtesy of Rob Davis

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NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20: College Hoops 2K20 (PC) Trailer, Courtesy of Rob Davis

Alex Strauther is back with another trailer hyping up an amazing piece of work from the NBA 2K20 community. This time its modding guru Rob Davis and his fictional College Hoops 2K20 universe within NBA 2K20.

Rob has been a longtime favorite of mine because he just puts in a ton of work and is super helpful on top of that. You can find links to all his various presences here, and you can get the info on how to use these PC files here. On top of that, you can go to his YouTube and get that explanation on how that works as well — plus other great tips videos.

It’s an incredible universe here, and you can continue to add to it from there if you would like to make it even more authentic with real rosters and so on. If you like this sort of thing, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube as well, and you can also see more of Alex’s trailers on VGS Network.

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  1. nice mod,
    but not to knit pick, he should have used the WNBA basketball courts for the mods.
    the 3 point line in the WNBA and college hoops are the same distance.
    very nice mod though....

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