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NBA 2K19 MyTeam Wishlist: The Auction House

NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 MyTeam Wishlist: The Auction House

Remember when an emerald card cost over 10,000 MT? Crazy, right! If I bought that Shane Battier for 13,950, I’d be trying to sell it for at least 17-18K to make a decent profit. And working the auction house to make a profit is one of my favorite aspects of NBA 2K.

So, here are a few suggestions to (in my opinion) improve the MyTeam “mini-game” that I sometimes spend more time and mental energy on than playing actual 2K basketball:

  1. Give me a way to see recent purchases and sales. If I’m trying to flip something, and I’m being so ambitious with my pricing that I keep re-listing it for a few days, I inevitably forget what I bought the card for in the first place. So if I could just see a list somewhere, I’d have a better idea of potential profit margins.
  2. Let’s get the auction house on the 2K app. Maybe there are logistical reasons why this hasn’t happened yet, but I would love to at least be able to check my auctions and re-list a card while I’m out in the real world. I’m definitely against buying packs from an app though, because the urge to spend money would be too great, and a lot of people would go broke while they’re bored at work or school. But if the app is all MT-based so you could maybe bid on some cards as well, that would be cool.
  3. Fix the glitch (or whatever the issue is) where we can’t search for certain players. Kobe Bryant immediately comes to mind as a major player who won’t come up unless you search for “Lakers” + “shooting guard,” etc.
  4. Sometimes when you search for a player in the Collections, it brings up other versions of that player. For example, if I search for a pink diamond Moments Ben Simmons, it brings up EVERY Moments card he’s ever had. This isn’t an issue for everyone, but it is still annoying when it happens. While I’m on this issue, how about adding a way to filter for minimum or maximum price when searching via the Collections? That would be helpful when I want a very specific card and am trying to score a good deal.
  5. I would also love a search filter in the auction house for infinite contracts and/or certain shoes. Obviously those affect the value of cards, so why can’t I (in April or May) search for a sapphire player with an infinite contract to fill out my bench? I have a few of those cards right now (which I found by pure luck) that save me from having to worry about contracts quite so much.

Do you guys have any suggestions to improve the auction process? Let us know!


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  1. Definitely agree with 3 & 4.
    I would love to see shorter auction times, I think a 1 or 2 hr option should be available. Nothing is worse than throwing a card up for just a little too high of a price and having to stare at the countdown.
    I also think they need to increase the maximum buy now price to be whatever we want. With the current system, if you want to sale anything worth more than 100K, your best bet is to list your card with no BIN price for 24 hours. I don't want to wait all day long to maximize my profit margin. I know buyers don't want to have to pursue a card for a full day before they can use it. Both of those issues get fixed with an increased BIN.
    I think the logistics of bringing the AH to an app would be too much to overcome. Can you really count on a what's pretty much a 3rd party app to get in your last second bid for a card. Or lose lose out on an auction because you hit an area where you have poor service? The "I won this bid on the app and got home to an empty AH results page" complaints would probably be a nightmare for 2K.

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