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NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Week 40 or the Week the Servers Went Boom

NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Week 40 or the Week the Servers Went Boom

The day after the NBA Finals were over, I found myself compelled to play some MyTeam. Here are the reasons why:

  1. There was a basketball void that needed to be filled as it slowly sunk in that Game 6 was the last NBA game until October.
  2. Kyle (former Houston Rocket) Lowry got a freaking galaxy opal card, and I had to have it.
  3. The LeBron James Signature Series cards were released, and I wanted to open some packs. (Due to the inevitable LeBron market crash, I figured I could pick up that new throwback opal Larry Bird for a reasonable price.)

The joke was on me though, as MyTeam was unplayable and still remains spotty (with the Auction House being especially disastrous).

Not only can I barely get into the mode, but when I do, I literally can’t do anything.

Obviously the servers have been an issue forever, but I’m guessing the metaphorical ocean of gasoline was the sale 2K ran on the game ($3!), then the fireballs that exploded in that ocean were items 1, 2 and 3 as listed above, PLUS pink diamond T-Mac and Anthony Davis.

Everyone wanted to play over the weekend to try and earn these cards, but not many people could. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a huge online guy, but I still would love to spend some quality MyTeam time. I’m having trouble putting together a lineup and playing an offline weekly challenge game, among other things.

It’s all a mess.

If I buy packs, I get kicked out and have to re-open the same packs forever and ever (and ever). Or, if I want to work the auction house, there’s a “Gone Fishin” sign up where cards should be. Like sometimes there are literally no results. Or if there are results, there’s a weird visual glitch where you can’t see what the current bids are. For example, a LeBron opal will be 100K with one minute left, but if you try to bid on it, you either can’t bid in time (it times out), or you’ll find out the actual bid is 500K — or, there will just be auctions up that don’t exist anymore. Did I mention that it’s all a mess?

As the weekend progressed, fewer and fewer cards were being put up. I’m guessing that’s because people realized everything was broken and didn’t want to risk their auctions not making any MT. Or, maybe they thought the whole system was down and it was GG until 2K20.

Either way, this is unacceptable.

The thing that really irks me, though, is that 2K is in the business of making money, right? Well, when LeBron packs are released, people (like myself) want to spend money. But we can’t. So 2K is literally screwing themselves out of (I’m wildly speculating here) millions of microtransaction dollars by refusing to fix their server issues. I wish I could say the joke was on them, but once again, it’s entirely on us. We just want to play the game that we’ve invested so much time and money into, and we want to play it now before it becomes obsolete. But I (like many others) are having to walk away out of frustration right now.

And again, that’s totally unacceptable.

How does this get resolved? I’m genuinely asking. How much does it cost to upgrade the servers? I really, really, want to know. Or if it’s not all the servers, at least explain what the situation is.

Even if we go to 2K Support, this is what we got back on June 16:


Obviously, I’m a bit angry right now (and still a little heated even now), and this article is born from that anger. There’s a lot of 2K to be played over the summer, and most of us don’t want to punt until 2K20, so I don’t see that anger dissipating anytime soon if these issues continue (because now that school is out, a lot more people will be online).

But, I’ll try and leave on a constructive note.

I bet if 2K made a Super Special Server Upgrade Edition of 2K20 that was $200 (or even $250), but there was a promise that the extra profits from that edition went to server upgrades (plus some sweet sweet VC as an apology for all the problems), a lot of people would buy it.

I would. Would you (keep giving them a chance)? Or is this the last straw and you’re switching to Live next year?

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