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NBA 2K18's MyTeam: Week 11

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18's MyTeam: Week 11

Even without a new Premium Pack (it seems 2K is going to release those bi-weekly now), there is still some decent new content available in MyTeam. Let’s start with the Moments cards.

I called it last week, the first amethyst Moments card is here.

Though I probably wouldn’t have ever guessed it would be Bradley Beal. My money was on Kyrie (since he’s the cover athlete and all), but now that the floodgates are open, I’m sure 2K will be giving away amethyst cards like Oprah gives away cars.

Throwback Packs have also gotten some love, and now quite a few historic collections can be completed. This blog details some of the amethysts that are now available. The problem is actually getting one’s hands on them.

I only need a couple of players to complete the Jazz collection, but they’re hardly in the auction house. And when they are, they are crazy expensive. No offense, but I’m not about to pay 40,000+ MT for Enes Kanter.

I definitely want the Mark Eaton amethyst reward, but I think I’m just going to wait and complete these collections later in the season when prices go down more. The Moments cards aren’t any cheaper, plus I certainly can’t be spending MT on those when I need to save it for my historic collections.

And boy is MT getting scarce.

I’ve bought the occasional pack to try and get lucky with my missing players, but that has been a huge bust. The best card I got was a ruby Doug Collins, but I still haven’t been able to sell it. I guess no one cares about completing the Historic 76ers collection.

And yes I enjoy playing Domination, but gold and emerald historic players aren’t worth much in the auction house anymore. Unfortunately I’m still at a stalemate with the final couple of games of Historic Domination, so that’s frustrating because I could really use that MT as well.

Then I was trying to grind some schedule challenges, as the higher-level games have halfway decent MT rewards, but frankly those are a slog. Overall I like the idea of the schedule challenges, but the return on investment (time, contracts, etc.) needs to be higher. At least one decent card (like the rubies you get for completing collections) would make a huge difference I think.

Maybe next year?

It’s also been a while since we had a Moments Challange. That last Kareem-centric one had some nice MT attached to it, so let’s get those going again, please?

I already detailed my frustration with Super Max last week (and it’s not like there’s any decent MT to be made there), but one thing I forgot to mention is that after playing a bunch of Super Max games I was literally out of contracts. That has limited my ability to field a competitive team for other modes because I don’t want to buy more packs or a box right now to replenish my supply. And I’ve nearly exhausted the schedule challenge games that have easily earned contracts.

Basically the last couple of weeks I’ve only been doing the weekly challenges because that is the only surefire way to get a good card, and I can use my lower-tier players to do it.

I just wish I was as excited about amethyst Kenyon Martin as DeAndre Jordan seems to be. But the idea of who might be after Kenyon in the challenge token sweepstakes keeps me coming back right now.

Christmas is almost here, hopefully 2K has just been saving up a bunch of awesome content that will drop soon and revitalize MyTeam going into 2018. Fingers crossed!

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