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NBA 2K18 Video - MyTEAM Starter Pack Opening and Gameplay (GoodGameBro)

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 Video - MyTEAM Starter Pack Opening and Gameplay (GoodGameBro)

GoodGameBro has posted a new NBA 2K18 video, featuring a MyTEAM starter pack opening, along with some gameplay.


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  1. Looked ok. Did not like the rubber band defense at 3:22 and the sliding into contest right after.
    Loved the poke loose at 3:37 though. He timed it well and was rewarded. Hopefully that is consistent across the board and the there will be no/minimal clipping and warping to prevent the CPU from losing the ball.
    Not sure what happened on the oop after the steal. Did it hit the rim or did he just drop it?
    Major clipping at 3:52. I liked the spin at 3:53, although the defender slid back into position after without making contact somehow.
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    Okay, I'm gonna say something positive. The way the game LOOKS now in terms of fluidity and player movement is amazing. I feel as a breakthrough has been achieved and it is major.
    Perhaps the clipping is higher due to this or there'll be more growing pains of the new control system, but I'm amazed by how fluid the game looks.
    It's like guys are running in slow motion. When guys are on fast breaks, the movement of their legs and arms looks so slooow. Very unnatural-looking.
    Yeah, clearly going to be some growing pains with the new movement system and dialing back animations for more control. Caught clipping in multiple vids now...
    To Mike's credit, I dont know if I can identify a time in any of these vids where a overly long animation took place. We'll see when we get our hands on it.
    Game is going to look great on broadcast.
    Highest quality video yet (as far as video]
    I am certain reducing the clipping will be a point of emphasis for 2K19. And I think it is great that 2K are heading in this direction.
    Very good times ahead.

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