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NBA 2K18 MyTeam: Week 35

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 MyTeam: Week 35

Nevermind. The premium packs are still coming, and 2K is dropping some great cards.

Collecting them all will get you a pink diamond Giannis Antetokounmpo, which looks downright unstoppable. If you are lucky/skilled enough to get Giannis AND the PD Kristaps from Super Max, I bow down to you. I wonder how many folks will end 2K18 with an all pink diamond squad?

Can you imagine having PD Harden at the point, Jordan at SG, Giannis, Kristaps and the Admiral? Wow, I’d hate to play that team online.

There are also a ton of diamonds in the auction house right now going for less MT than usual. Now is a great time to try some new cards and round out your squads. Happy hunting!

We’re also getting some high-powered duos. I got Kobe and Pau at one point in a previous market crash, and wish I had kept them. I held onto them for a bit, hoping for the duo, but I just wasn’t patient enough. Same with Kemp and Payton. Ah well. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Jordan/Pippen, though I haven’t been able to pick up that Jordan diamond yet. Soon, helpfully. His price seems to be dipping a little bit.

Here’s that link to see all the duos again, ranked in descending order by rating, just in case you’re curious. Most importantly, however, is the new Rockets duo that just came out.

Yes, P.J. Tucker got himself a diamond! And when his duo with Ariza is activated, these guys have insane 3-point ratings.

I’m contemplating blowing up my team entirely and trying to get the Hakeem diamond from the Clutch Closers premium collection. He has a duo with the amethyst Clyde Drexler that just came out, so I’m intrigued by the thought of building a whole new Rockets-centric team around them.

If we could only get that long overdue CP3 moments card…

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