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NBA 2K18 MyTeam: Week 29

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 MyTeam: Week 29

There is a PD Nate Thurmond if you kept up with weekly challenges. There was a PD Lonzo Ball if were you quick enough with a locker code. And the new premium collection (more on that later) has PD Kevin freaking Garnett as the collection reward.

But the pink diamond I want is Kristaps Porzingis. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a four-week-long descent into Super Max madness to get him. And lord help me, I might just do it. I’m frightened, but think it may end up being worth it. Hopefully. We’ll see. Probably not…

Moving on, 2K also unveiled the KG Teammates Collection Pack. Yes, that’s what it’s actually called. And yes, it’s as silly as it sounds.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind the diamond Karl Anthony Towns, but he’s going for 500K+ MT in the auction house. That’s not happening. And Paul Pierce was never a player I cared about, plus I’m pretty stacked at the SF position already, so I’d probably just sell him if I miraculously got him. Otherwise, it’s a pretty underwhelming group of players. Not really worth it for me to even consider locking in Garnett.

Actually the most interesting thing about this collection is the cool commercial they made to promote it.

So I’m going to use this opportunity to try and inspire 2K before the next drop in two weeks. May I present the Defense Wins Championships premium collection:

  1. Ruby, 89 – Bill Walton. This can be a Celtics card that focuses on defense and rebounding, as Bill did off the bench to help them win it all in 1986. And yes, there’s only one ruby in this collection. You’re welcome.
  2. Amethyst, 92 – LeBron James. There are already two LeBron diamonds, and surely a pink diamond is coming eventually, but it seems silly that there’s no amy LeBron. His block in game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals is one of the best defensive plays I’ve ever seen in my life, so he fits right in.
  3. Amethyst, 93 – Dikembe Mutombo. He might not have won an NBA title, but the finger wag alone gets him in my collection. (Plus four defensive player of the year awards.)
  4. Amethyst, 93 – Dennis Johnson. I loved my ruby DJ, so let’s give this man an upgrade.
  5. Amethyst, 94 – Dennis Rodman. Another Denis, and yet another MyTeam card that needs an upgrade. He’s an NBA Champion five times over, and although The Worm was known as a rebounding guru, he was also a pest on defense. Just ask Karl Malone.
  6. Diamond, 95 – Andre Iguodala. He might have been punked by LeBron, but here he has the higher-rated card. And 95 might even be underrating his performance in the last three NBA Finals.
  7. Diamond, 96 – Kevin McHale. His post moves were legendary, but his defense was just as great.
  8. Diamond, 97 – Ron Artest. Ron has been my guy since the first month of MyTeam. It’s finally time to give him the upgrade he deserves, as a member of the NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers.
  9. Diamond, 98 – Kawhi Leonard. One of the greatest defensive players I’ve ever seen. And since he still appears to be injured indefinitely, this could be his best shot at a diamond card this year.
  10. Pink Diamond, 99 (collection reward) – Michael Jordan. He’s the GOAT…what more can you say.

Yes, there are only nine cards to collect on the way to the greatest defensive shooting guard in the game. Again, you’re welcome. And of course he would have a dynamic duo with my diamond Scottie Pippen, which means at that point my team would finally be complete!

Is there anyone else you’d like to see in a defense-centric collection?

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