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NBA 2K18 Gameplay Video - MyCAREER (GoodGameBro)

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 Gameplay Video - MyCAREER (GoodGameBro)

GoodGameBro has posted a new NBA 2K18 gameplay video featuring some MyCAREER footage. He chooses Lonzo Ball’s jumpshot and plays his first game in the Proving Grounds.


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  1. 9:46 , how have they not gotten the roll man to atleast always be facing the ball on the roll, this is 2k18 and the roller is facing the opposite direction of the ball calling for it, come on now.
    It'll be interesting to see how people combine the primary and secondary skills to create specific badge combos. Seeing how limited they can be if you choose certain combinations was surprising.
    Oh jeez, if you hated the MyCareer story last year...
    I hope you can skip the scenes

    Yeah this one seems to be by far the cheesiest story. And I'm usually here for the storylines in my career.
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