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NBA 2K Video - The Last Dance (MessenjahMatt)



NBA 2K Video - The Last Dance (MessenjahMatt)

Old schoolers will remember the username… MessenjahMatt has returned, after almost 9 years since his last video was published. If you don’t know of him, shame on you. You really need to check out his YouTube channel and see the creations he made back in the day.

He recreated so many epic moments from Michael Jordan, including “NBA 2K11: Jordan vs. Jordan“, “NBA 2K11: Maybe It’s My Fault“, “NBA 2K11: The Flu Game“, “NBA 2K: Become Legendary“, “NBA 2K11: Let Your Game Speak“, “NBA 2K11: Jordan vs. Jordan” and soooooo many more.

With that said, who knows when he’ll make another video, so make sure to check out his new NBA 2K – The Last Dance video and just give props to an OG.

Welcome back Matt, hopefully we don’t have to wait another 9 years for the next video!


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  1. Vroman
    2k11 clips look so much better animations wise than the 2k20 one.

    Yeah it's kind of funny that he opted for the majority of the video to use footage from a 10 year old game (that still looks damn good actually)

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