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NASCAR Heat Mobile Update Features 2022 Next Gen Car Models and Primary Paint Schemes

The NASCAR Heat Mobile update has arrived today for iOS and Android devices. The update features all three of the 2022 NASCAR Next Gen car models and primary paint schemes from this season’s NASCAR Cup Series drivers.

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  • Trust your vehicle and it will never betray you on the track. Bet everything on your vehicle & steering abilities in the next competition and take the season by storm! Race your way across all 23 NASCAR Cup Series tracks in America and walk the road of a champ.
  • NASCAR isn’t just about winning a race; building a successful franchise is just as important. How you build your Fan Zone will directly affect your popularity, ability to upgrade cars, and competitiveness on the track. Think wisely before recklessly constructing your Fan Zone!
  • You and your vehicle will need to adapt and upgrade as you race across America. Your garage will help you prepare for your next battle. Select the most suitable upgrades for your next race to ensure a quick and easy victory!
  • Ever wanted to race as Chase Elliott, Kyle Busch, or Joey Logano? You’ve come to the right place. Race as your favorite driver and build your own racing team in NASCAR Heat Mobile. Relive the glorious moments and dash your way through the finish line as one of the greatest drivers of all-time!
  • To show appreciation for your dedication to racing, we want to give you a few rewards to help you on and off the track. Simply log-in everyday and claim your next rewards!
  • Every racer needs a crew and NASCAR Heat Mobile is no different. Tag team with your friends to build a prosperous and successful NASCAR empire of your own!

For those of you waiting for the NASCAR Heat 5 2022 Season Update DLC, it’s still “coming soon“.

Originally scheduled to arrive on October 21, the team is working to magnify the 2022 racing experience with an enhanced audio system for the new cars.

The upcoming DLC will include drivers, teams and schemes, but will not feature updates to the 2022 race events. Any tracks that were previously available in NASCAR Heat 5 that are on the ’22 schedule have been included. The price of the DLC has been lowered to $9.99 on all platforms when it finally arrives.

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