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NASCAR Heat 5 Announced - Trailer & Cover Art Revealed, Releases on July 10



NASCAR Heat 5 Announced - Trailer & Cover Art Revealed, Releases on July 10

704Games and Motorsport Games have officially announced NASCAR Heat 5, scheduled to arrive on July 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The NASCAR Heat 5 Gold Edition launches three days earlier, on July 7.

Check out the official NASCAR Heat 5 announcement trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

IGN also mentions that a new track-testing mode will be included, allowing racers to learn the 34 officially licensed tracks that are included. Split-screen local multiplayer and 40-player online races will also be featured.

The official NASCAR Heat 5 cover has also been revealed, featuring Chase Elliott on the Standard Edition and Tony Stewart on the Gold Edition cover.


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  1. Well, that's a rather pointless video. I feel like I've said it every year, but if this game doesnt depart from Unity, I'm taking a break from it. They've got such a solid foundation to build on here, but it just feels old, outdated and held back.
    They've also got to find a way to have better control through regular controllers. The cars just feel too clunky, there is nothing that feels good about it. When you're rolling down the track at 180+ it's good, it's at slow speeds and it really shows off on the road courses how bad the handling is IMO. Especially when you compare it to the Nascar/stock car experience offered in other games like Forza. Not sure if it's their handling model or the way it behaves with a controller, but it just feels all wrong.
    Id love for these guys to play the F1 series. Pay attention to some of the driving details there. Marbles building up on the tires if you get out of the line or dirt/grass building up if you get off the track. There's a smoothness to driving in that game even with a controller and all assists off that just feels good. I get it, different cars completely, but the Heat driving model feels more like I'm trying to drive a Semi truck. Heck, even driving those in some other games feels smoother than the experience NH gives.
    Anyways, when the release some real information I'll pay attention and maybe buy into some hype. Right now, I'm just prepared for the same game as the last 2 years, some small improvements, still a lack of features common to the driving model of most racing games, a poor game engine, sub par visuals and a giant boatload of paid DLC packs.

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