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NASCAR Heat 4 Developers Hosted Q&A Session & Answered a Few NASCAR Heat 5 Questions


NASCAR Heat 4 Developers Hosted Q&A Session & Answered a Few NASCAR Heat 5 Questions

The NASCAR Heat 4 team responded to community questions today, via their official Twitter and Facebook feeds. Instead of having to dig through it all, we’ve gathered all of the interesting bullets and posted them below.

Feel free to wade through the official channels yourself for more details. Also note that a lot of answers about NASCAR Heat 5 simply can’t be answered in full detail, as the team still hasn’t finalized the features and other details, as of yet. It’s still good to see a lot of what the community is asking for is on their radar.

  • In December, the team will be releasing Martinsville night to everyone. They are fixing the Sonoma AI issue and a few more bugs. Another pack of DLC schemes are on the way with new custom car templates and new paint schemes for all 3 series.
  • NASCAR Pro League information will be announced soon.
  • There is nothing to announce at this time for updates to spectator mode with camera angles and lap counts.
  • The team feels very strongly that a true day to night progression will occur in the next title
  • They are looking into ways show off a trophy room, to display races that have been won from previous seasons. Trophies change often, especially in the lower series, so it’s harder to keep up with, but discussions are ongoing for the next title.
  • The team is looking into adding a paint booth, but it might be a little further down the line.
  • More legend drivers could be involved in future iterations, as well as other tracks. It all comes down to licensing, which can be tricky. Don’t expect any more Jeff Gordon paint schemes.
  • Player controlled cars in pit lane is coming in the future, most likely not in NASCAR Heat 5.
  • Don’t expect World of Outlaws in NASCAR Heat 5.
  • Since the team is small, don’t expect any DLC tracks for NASCAR Heat 4 or NASCAR Heat 5.
  • When speaking on the All-Star race being added in the future, they need to get all of the non-points races into Career mode soon. So it’s tough to say if it makes it into NASCAR Heat 5, but it’s a high priority to get all, or at least some of them in.
  • Things the team would love to add in the future: Driving yourself down pit road, and on pace/caution laps. A good paint booth. A deeper career with more of the feel of a race Sunday.
  • The team always works on the physics. Will there be as noticeable a difference as there was from NASCAR Heat 3 to 4, hard to say. But there are things they can make better.
  • There are discussions to implement an online practice mode for a future title, because building out online makes sense.
  • Due to licensing issues and having a small team, it’s challenging to get historic tracks like Rockingham, North Wilkesboro, etc in the game, but they are looking to get at least one of them in a future title.
  • Caution replays are coming, but the team isn’t sure it can be implemented in NASCAR Heat 5 at this time. They are also looking into red flags and possibly FIRE!
  • The team is looking to add a test session in the near future, most likely in NASCAR Heat 5, so players don’t have to worry about the AI getting in the way, when testing out a setup.
  • It’s a nice little touch and the team recognizes it. They are looking into adding a burnout option, if you win the championship, but don’t win the race.
  • If there is high demand for it, they will look into making NASCAR Heat 5 on the Nintendo Switch
  • NASCAR Heat 5 is currently being worked on…(Just in case anyone needed clarification!)

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  1. I was disappointed to see no mention of a  4k and/or 60 FPS option on the XBox One X and PS4 Pro.  Surely they'd have to be ready to support 4K AND 60 FPS on the Sapphire and the PS5 though!  That's probably too far away for them to speak to, but why the XBox One X and PS4 Pro don't at least support 60 FPS at 1080p in NASCAR HEAT 4 is a head scratcher to me....
    Going to have a tough time justifying another purchase if they don't add in the ability to adjust FOV/seat position. I only race in cockpit view, and in Heat on PC, it's damn near impossible when using triple screens. I don't care about it being stretched or "true" triple screen support, but you have to be able to move the FOV. Not having it is just a lack of caring at this point after 4+ versions.
    NASCAR Heat 5 for the Switch would be sick and I think NASCAR fans would appreciate that when having a Switch to play NASCAR before watching the NASCAR race in person.
    I wish Operation Sports asked the team about the Gen 7 car because that would give a better clue of when NASCAR Heat 5 or 6 could come out. That Gen 7 car is coming out in 2021 and the Heat team might want to start looking ahead at that time.

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