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NASCAR Heat 2 Video - Developer Diary #1


NASCAR Heat 2 Video - Developer Diary #1

Polygon has posted the first NASCAR Heat 2 developer diary video and posted some additional details, including the stage format change.

Studio head Rich Garcia explains that the last-minute implementation of stage-format racing in NASCAR caused quite an emergency in his shop, requiring about 300,000 lines of code to be ditched and rewritten. The good news: It means caution flags can be restored to online racing, another big community request.


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  1. Sounds good. Looks similar. Addition of trucks and xfinity should be a great addition, like the way it sounds like they've structured career mode too. More details would have been nice though.
    I hope they do a developer diary like this on the gameplay, and options though. Specifically controls, assists, etc. It was severly lacking in options last year.
    It actually makes me a bit nervous for racing at Eldora with the trucks, especially with a controller. Everything seemed so jerky last year on "simulation" with a controller, so I hope they've sorted that out and at least talk about that in an upcoming video
    I just want to see a video for us hardcore sim players instead of the ping pong off cars from last to first in two laps with zero damage.

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