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NASCAR Heat 2 Patch Available For PC, Later This Month For PS4, Xbox One - Patch Notes


NASCAR Heat 2 Patch Available For PC, Later This Month For PS4, Xbox One - Patch Notes

704Games have released their first patch for NASCAR Heat 2, check out the patch notes below. The patch is available now for PC users and scheduled to release later this month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • New input system, rebuilt from the ground up. *Note: Users may have to re-map their controllers. Do this in Options -> Controls -> Configure Controls.
  • Many wheels, XInput devices, and keyboard have default configurations already set up. These should work when attached, without extra configuration.
  • If your controller does not work when attached, use the keyboard to navigate to “Options -> Controls -> Configure Controls” to set it up.
  • Supports using multiple input devices at once. (For instance: steer with wheel, shift with shifter, gas/brake with pedals, control overlays with keyboard).
  • Deadzones can be configured in Options -> Controls -> Other Settings.
  • Most DirectInput/XInput devices should be supported. If a device didn’t work before, please try¬†again.
  • Supports all buttons on devices, no longer limited to 20 buttons.
  • Fully configure Xbox controllers.
  • Assign controls to discrete functions in game. “Accept” no longer has to also control the “Race Info” display, for instance.
  • Assign buttons/keys to steer, throttle, brake, clutch, etc. Just assign “Digital Steering Left/Right”, “Digital Throttle”, “Digital Brake”, etc.
  • Support for more than one force feedback device attached to your computer.
  • Player 1 and Player 2 can use different devices of any type; they don’t have to both use gamepads or both use wheels. Set this in Options -> Controls -> Other Settings.
  • Keyboard is officially supported.
  • Fixed potential game hitch when spotter speaks.
  • Award speed points for Challenges.
  • Display purse on the race card for Career.
  • Fixed “Race All Tracks” achievement.
  • Better pre-race camera animations in Multiplayer.
  • Implemented some missing UI sounds.
  • In Career, if you race cleanly, your Rivals anger level will slowly decay over time.
  • Added new Victory Anthems.
  • Tied Victory Anthems to Effects Volume.
  • Improved offline race results for the AI.
  • Made top-end AI more difficult at some tracks.
  • Changed AI qualify logic.
  • Support “strict” yellow flags in single player. See this in “Game Settings.”
  • Fixed some crash bugs.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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