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MXGP 2019 Announced - Trailer, Screenshots, Release Date, and Some Features Revealed

MXGP 2019

MXGP 2019 Announced - Trailer, Screenshots, Release Date, and Some Features Revealed

The official MXGP videogame is back and, for the first time, you will be able to live the experience of the current MXGP World Championship with 2019 season’s official riders, MXGP, and MX2 teams are ready to challenge you all the 19 official events all over the world. Train your riding skills and improve your abilities in the Playground, Unleash your creativity with the new Track Editor and challenge your rivals with the brand-new Waypoint mode.

  • Join the official teams, join your personal lobbies and invite your friends to take part in your challenge, choose the rules and get on track with your new opponents!
  • Become the main actor of gameplay and shape your own best gaming experience thanks to brand new game modes ever seen in the whole MXGP series!
  • Start a career with your Custom Rider and try yourself to be the best rider of the season. And try get your MXGP World Championship.

MXGP 2019 will be available on August 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM.

Some Features

The Track Editor: For the first time ever, the track editor comes into the game, so be ready to build your “much-desired” motocross track from scratch. Once the editing of your track is complete, it can be uploaded online and used by other players. Unleash your creativity and live a brand-new experience every day. Choose between 4 different landscapes and terrains and create your track amongst the mud of the forest, the dunes of the desert, the hills of the French Riviera and the perils of the pacific-area jungle.

The Waypoint Mode: Enjoy the Playground and access this special game mode. You will have the opportunity to play and create your own paths or choosing from those ones which have been uploaded online by other users. Will you be able to get the best time on all paths?

The Current Season: From Nequen to Shangai, with MXGP 2019 you will live all the thrills of the current championship. The competition between the riders has started but who knows who will win at the end…
Follow the standings and try to change the course of their destiny, even in the events where they have not raced yet! And, as in the real life, experience different weather conditions while playing. After all, after the rain there is always the sun!

Playground: Train your riding skills and improve your abilities in the Playground settled in Provence. Roam free, race across different layouts and in different weather conditions and day times, gain unique customization rewards completing some special Trials and bring the competition to a whole new level with the dedicated game mode: The Waypoint. Create your unique path putting checkpoints on the grounds or download them online.



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  1. Yet another mediocre motocross game from Milestone. Yay.
    No publisher/developer takes official licenses and waters them down quite like Milestone.
    Yet another mediocre motocross game from Milestone. Yay.
    No publisher/developer takes official licenses and waters them down quite like Milestone.

    No, but then no other developer would invest in such licenses. Remember every game we play is made within a budget. Some, like FIFA/NBA/Madden have large budgets that allow bigger investment. The fact that we have reasonably if not outstandingly solid games within such niche genres counts for quite a lot. Otherwise we’ll be pretty much down to a sports gaming experience that includes 4 or 5 games.
    Yet another mediocre motocross game from Milestone. Yay.
    No publisher/developer takes official licenses and waters them down quite like Milestone.

    The two Supercross games and MXGP Pro are far better than mediocre. Very solid games. With the exception of MXGP 3 each new installment has been a nice step forward for each series.
    Here's a look at the track editor. A bit disappointing at this point. However they are asking for input on Facebook so hopefully they will be able to add elevation changes.
    13 days until release. The game is up for pre order on both consoles although I did have to do a search to find it on the PS4.
    THQ Nordic has bought Milestone.
    I hope this isn't the beginning of the end. Encore , and MX All Out are not good games.
    Anyway here's some game play:


    And last one:

    I will say I like how the tracks improve each year.
    Ok , Yesterday morning I played the opening race. I Joined the Kawasaki team that was available. After the opening race I ran a single short race on every track to check them all out. Milestone excels at track creation , I think they do a fantastic job.
    A few new tracks on the circuit this year : Semarang , Imola . Afyonkarahisar , and Shanghi. It's also nice to see the return of Matterly Basin , Mantova and Saint Jean D'Angely. I could probably call Kegums a new track also because it's a completely different layout. Matterly Basin has changed in places also.
    This game has a different feel than MXGP Pro has , the bikes have more weight to them , they are more grounded. In a small way the riding reminded me of the old MTX Mototrax game , not so much the handling but the weight.
    Graphic's are nice game looks clean and crisp. The terrain deformation is good , some very nice ruts form although you don't seem to be able to use them they way you can in real life. I have been able to use the outer edge of the turns (The crown molding as Grant Langston calls it) so that’s nice. I stared my season race at Matterly Basin it was pouring rain at the start and by the end of the race the sun was out , mud , ruts , it was a mess , looked great.
    I've continued on with my career a bit I moved up to Team Honda Red Moto , some of these teams have some nice bike graphics. I'm doing the double race season , short races to try and get some credits built up so i can buy some bikes then I'll go full race mode.
    I've played on medium difficulty which got to easy fast and turned it up to hard and that's presenting a challenge so far but I'd say in a day or two I'll be maxing the difficulty out. The A.I. does seem tougher.
    I like the game , it's very good , it didn't blow me away at first but the more I play it the more I like it. I think the overall change in feel from MXGP Pro is nice. It's like going from Supercross 1 to 2.
    Haven't really checked out the playground a lot yet but it seems like there's a good amount to do there.
    My only complaints so far are I really wish they would create a mode for people that want a realistic game , and by that I mean when I crash instead of re-spawning on the bike , I wish I had the option to have to get up , run to my bike and get back on and get going. Probably a lot to ask but I think it would add a lot to the game for people that like to run full length races.
    My other compliant , there are no Suzuki's in the game. I realize there are no teams running them this season but they should still be in the game. WTF Milestone?
    That's it for now. I'm sure my thought's will change after I play through the weekend. I will say this , I find myself leaving work early so I can get home to play this game , the perk of being self employed.
    This game is good.
    Best MXGP game so far.
    LOVE the fact that I'm having to change my lines up to avoid some of the ruts.
    I'm using the realistic physics.
    I've cross rutted a few times and gone flying off the bike. Definitely have to be more aware of the changes to the track during the race.
    Now that I've moved up to the 450 class in my career I feel the power sliding is way over done. Needs to be toned down a lot. Very unrealistic , almost feels like ice racing at times.
    Seem like something they could fix ? ...I have not made it to the 450 yet.

    I hope so , I mean it was there in MXGP pro but you had to try to power slide for it to happen. In this game every turn on a 450 my rear end is power sliding. It reminds me of dirt tack oval racing where they slide all the way around the turns. It makes sense in the rain/mud but I don't think it should be happening so much on a dry track. I mean these are knobby tires they should grip. It's not a game killer , but it does slow you down. I usually get passed in the turns when I'm sliding. I tried a race using one of the pro riders and it didn't seem as bad so maybe I need to stop using factory bikes and use my own upgraded bike. Or maybe I need to slow down a bit.
    Picked this up awhile back as well (forgot I had it pre-ordered on Amazon) and have only run the first two career races, but enjoyed it so far. I'm on PS4 if anyone else is, I haven't tried the online bit yet but would like to.
    Did they fix the power sliding issue?

    Not with this update. They said they would look into it. Don't know if they will tweak it but I hope they do just a bit. It was real noticeable when I moved up to the 450 class , but now that I'm 8 races in to my season I'm getting used to it, throttle control. All I can say back when I was riding my rear end never slid the way it does in the game , but bikes have a lot more power now also.
    Did they fix the power sliding issue?

    There is a new patch out that says it addresses the sliding, and the posts I have seen online say it is better. I have not tried it yet, just letting you know there is a newer patch out.

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