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Motorsports Games Acquires Studio 397 - Bringing rFactor 2 Physics to Next NASCAR Game

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Motorsports Games Acquires Studio 397 - Bringing rFactor 2 Physics to Next NASCAR Game

Motorsports Games has acquired Studio 397, the team behind the realistic racing simulation rFactor 2. The team has been working with Motorsports Games for the past year on vehicle physics, tire modeling and AI for the upcoming NASCAR video game franchise reboot, schedule to release later this year.

“Studio 397 shares our same passions for virtual racing and creating the best possible driving experiences for our players,” said Stephen Hood, President of Motorsport Games. “We originally chose to work with them on our new NASCAR game franchise to bring top class elements to the titles, as rFactor 2 has the best vehicle physics, AI and tire model available today. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to bring them into the Motorsport Games family, it made perfect sense to all parties.” 


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  1. Happy happy happy.
    I somehow missed that they were rebooting the NASCAR series altogether. Is it to be for next-gen systems? And hopefully an all-new engine? I would love a next-gen, high quality, NASCAR sim with some truly next gen graphics. I'll admit I'm a bit of a graphic snob, so the Heat series just hasn't done it for me as I can't get past the lackluster visuals.
    Edit: And please, for the love of God, give me retro stock car bodies and legend paint schemes. If I could boot up a race that takes me back to some point in the early 90s (when I started following NASCAR) through the mid 00s, I would be in heaven. At the very least a full blown paint shop and logo uploader that allows us to create and share retro schemes.
    Looking at the 2022 car, not going to matter what physics you have since its going to be Daytona and Dega all over.
    Really hope NASCAR figures out pack racing at 1.5s is terrible, but I doubt it.

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