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MotoGP 22 Announced - Trailer, Screenshots, Features & Release Date Revealed

MotoGP 22 Announced

MotoGP 22

MotoGP 22 Announced - Trailer, Screenshots, Features & Release Date Revealed

Milestone has announced MotoGP 22 and sent along a new trailer, screenshots and features. The game is scheduled to release on April 21 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

The team also revealed a brand-new mode to re-live one of the most incredible seasons in the MotoGP history called (NINE) Season 2009. Players will enjoy a real docu-film narrated by Mark Neale, director of the best MotoGP documentaries, with more than 50 minutes of original footage from the 2009 Season. But players won’t just witness history, they will be part of it too. In fact, the fate of the race will be in the player’s hands thanks to dedicated challenges to re-live and play the most iconic moments. Players will find themselves in the boots of legendary riders such as Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner and Lorenzo, trying to replicate history.

MotoGP 22 is adding some new features for new racers as well with a Revised Tutorial and the new MotoGP Academy. The Revised Tutorial is a series of short gameplay sessions with custom rules, to help new players understand the basics of the game and feel confident on the bike.

The new MotoGP Academy will teach how to improve and perfect riding styles to be faster on every track, through specific challenges focused on electronics, tire consumption, brakes temperature and core differences between the three main categories.

The Adaptive Difficulty System will help players through in-game pop-up messages, suggesting how to adapt and modify the difficulty level based on their skills. For example, the game could recommend lowering the difficulty if players do not complete specific challenges or enable some help in case of too many falls, or even suggest playing the tutorial dedicated to the tire consumption in case they finished a race with tires in bad conditions. These hints will appear at the end of the race and players are free to follow these suggestions or not.


  • New face animations, improved 3D characters and pits
  • Ride Height Device: players will be able to manually manage the locking mechanism of the RHD and control the compression of the bike’s suspensions
  • Enhanced tracks and surfaces have been improved to have a better rideability
  • Improved Suspension system has been refined for a better feeling when passing over curbs
  • Tires and Brakes temperatures are now affected by the slipstream, both for players and AI
  • Tire deformation brings more realistic tire behavior making the experience even closer to reality
  • Includes the full 2022 season with all the official content, including 120+ official riders and 20+ official circuits. Additionally, 70+ Historic Riders and bikes are available to bring back all the emotions of MotoGP legends.
  • Compete in different classes to grow your career, from Moto3 to Moto2 up to the MotoGP championship
  • The Managerial Career is back, allowing players to create their own team or join a real one managing every aspect of the strategy, from bike development to the dedicated staff that will support the rider. Players can also customize the season itself, choosing which Grand Prix they want to play from a different set of calendars.
  • And for the first time in the series, MotoGP 22 features the highly anticipated 2-player local split-screen, online multiplayer and cross-play through consoles of the same family.

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  1. I like what I see here.
    The past few iterations have bordered on newbie-hostile; even if you start a new career in Moto3 and nerf the AI, if you're not familiar with motorcycle racing, your first Career event in Losail will have you begging for mercy.  So, tutorials, as overlooked as they can be sometimes, should definitely make this one more approachable.
    I wonder if the team that does the Tour de France games is taking notes...but that's another thread.
    I like the sounds of the academy. I’ve been playing racing games for over 25 years and only recently started MotoGP, I absolutely cannot get used to the cornering timing lol. Hopefully this will help. 
    I've bought every installment of this game as long as I can remember but not this year.
    Last year it was WAY too hard even when it's toned down as far as you can go.
    I've been able to run with no riding assists other than the corner line visual stuff and could run clean laps and be competitive every year prior.
    Last year was not fun.
    I will wait until the price drop and give the series one last shot.

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