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MotoGP 22 Adds MotoE For Nintendo Switch

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MotoGP 22

MotoGP 22 Adds MotoE For Nintendo Switch

Milestone has added the MotoE category in their latest MotoGP 22 patch for the Nintendo Switch. MotoE was added last month for all other platforms. It also included cross-play allowing users from different platforms to play in public lobbies.

Unfortunately cross-play is not available for PC and Nintendo Switch and private lobbies remain exclusive to users of the same platform. MotoGP 22 is available on PC and Xbox Game Pass.

If you missed our MotoGP 22 review back in April, make sure to read it here.

This is important because the AI competition found in MotoGP 22 is solid and aggressive. My understanding of reducing my times getting around the track became very important as my career progressed.

And, yes, the AI is smart, fair, and aggressive on the track. The AI found in MotoGP 22 is the best ever in the series, and by best I don’t mean unrealistic and cannot be beaten. I won my fair share of races, lost some heartbreaking races, and occasionally shuffled to the back of the pack. The AI in MotoGP 22 isn’t perfect either, and by that I mean the AI racers make in-race mistakes, the same as humans do. Some of those mistakes come independently of myself and other riders, and some are caused by the infamous first-turn aggression or race to the finish. The mistakes feel real and often had me exclaiming during many of the races I participated in, career mode or not.

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