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Most Anticipated Sports Games of 2023

As we turn the page and embrace what’s ahead, we look forward to our most anticipated sports games of 2023. We will continue to have some yearly sports releases that feel like they were only released to fulfill a contract. That said, some years provide some unique experiences in the form of new sports titles and, even occasionally, a sports game that returns after a long slumber.

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This year is shaping up to provide a mixture of many things. We have some new titles we have yet to experience and a few returning from the past. Others fall into the category of non-annual releases that will have a presence in the current year.

Most Anticipated Sports Games Of 2023


EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 (March 24)

It has been many years since EA’s last foray into the world of video game golf with Rory McIlroy PGA Tour in 2015, and the iconic developer is set to make a triumphant return with EA Sports PGA Tour, set to release on March 24. While delayed previously, what makes PGA Tour’s return so intriguing is the inclusion of all four majors, including the evasive Augusta National, home of the prestigious Masters Tournament.

If you look deeper into the game, EA has focused on the gameplay mechanics, promising an immersive and realistic experience. Our own Kevin Scott had this to say after a recent hands-off look at EA’s upcoming golf game:

It was revealed that there will be an impressive number of ways to strike the ball, as you can select from 20 different types of shot that all have their distinct characteristics. With the game’s Pure Strike mechanics being tracked by PGA Tour ShotLink and Trackman data, your swing dynamics aim to be as realistic as possible. This means that the terrain of your lie and the course conditions will play just as important a role as being good on the sticks.

PGA Tour will also carry a deep club and ball interaction by including “Innovative Ball Behavior, which has been redesigned from the ground up. New technology allows every golf ball bounce and roll to behave more accurately across various terrain and course conditions.”

There is plenty to be excited about, especially when it means we’ll now have two major golf games competing against each other.

Super Mega Baseball 4 (Spring?)

The true mystery on this list is Super Mega Baseball 4. While they tweeted that a new game would be coming this year, we have not heard anything about it. This leads us to believe that maybe it won’t be coming as soon as we think.

While still being developed by Metalhead, Super Mega Baseball 4 finds its way onto the list because it’s a mystery box. Previously one of the indie darlings (and one of our favorite sports games), Metalhead was purchased by EA in 2021. However, that purchase came with the promise of more cash flow for development, and it also seemed like EA would leave Metalhead alone to still develop the title under the original vision for the series.

What makes Super Mega Baseball 4 so intriguing is not knowing what direction the beloved baseball title will follow, especially since the studio has not released a game since being purchased by EA. We don’t believe there will be MLB licensing, but will it include the coveted stadium creator that so many in the community have desired?

Metalhead is not releasing any relevant information, only stating that the series is set to return. What the game will look like or what content and modes will be included are anybody’s guess. Regardless, what Metalhead Software achieved with the first three entries is enough to earn a spot on this list.

AEW Fight Forever (February?)

No longer just considered a periphery player in professional wrestling, AEW is set to have its officially licensed video game released in February 2023 (maybe). This is a game I’m looking forward to based on the fact that long-time wrestling developer, Yuke’s, is helping to create this game along with some of the minds behind No Mercy.

Our own Josh Houtz has been religiously following the game since it was announced, and he had this to say after watching gameplay released by THQ:

I still have some questions and concerns about how the game will — you know — actually, play. But based on the countless videos, this is starting to give off legit WWF No Mercy vibes. From how the characters are modeled to the endless match types down to the laundry list of weapons, THQ Nordic and Yuke’s have done a fantastic job of bringing All Elite Wrestling to life.

I am ready to get back to a wrestling game that combines authenticity with a sim-cade gameplay style. A title that aims for a realistic sports simulation with an over-the-top approach.

AEW Fight Forever promises game options that include more than 10 gameplay modes, with match types including Singles, Tag Team, 3-Way, 4-Way, Ladder, Casino Battle Royale, Falls Count Anywhere, Unsanctioned Lights Out, Exploding Barbed Wire Death, and online modes — including a coveted co-op mode.

If you’re sensing a trend by now, then it’s for a reason. We’re really excited to see games that will bring some fresh competition to the genre. Whether it’s golf, baseball, or pro wrestling, give us multiple games that we can play for a given sport. That said, we’re still not sure if AEW Fight Forever will actually release in February, but either way we do believe it’s coming at some point in 2023.

Forza Motorsport (Q3 2023?)

Although Forza has no official release date yet, developer Turn 10 Studios is looking at a release window during Q3 2023. How much is known about the newest release from Turn 10? Well, we know the game will run in 4K, 60 fps with ray-tracing enabled. The game will also feature at least 20 locations with multiple configurations and an impressive car list that will top 500.

The reboot will also feature real-time weather and realistic track conditions, including marble and precipitation build-up during a race. While technically being developed on the same engine as other Forza games, the ForzaTech engine has been completely overhauled to deliver an outstanding real-world experience in the car and in terms of how the vehicle and track interact.

It will be interesting to see where the latest Forza is headed. Forza 7 left the masses somewhat underwhelmed and is doing the community no favors by keeping the title shrouded in secrecy. Patience is the biggest buzzword associated with the game right now. While I have a tremendous amount of confidence in the developers at Turn 10, a game this large in scope is one where you would want to build up the hype over multiple months, not just a few.

Undisputed Boxing (Steam Early Access Starts January 31)

Last but not least, one of the most anticipated sports titles for me in 2023 is the new boxing simulation from Steel City Interactive. Undisputed is a title that will be trying to fill the enormous void in the pro boxing scene that has existed since EA last released Fight Night Champion in 2011.

This title, for me, is tied at the top with EA Sports PGA Tour for my most anticipated sports game in 2023. While it has taken a while to find its way to the general public, it started with an initial closed beta that turns into an official early access release on Steam today. (We’ll have impressions from that early access build at 11 a.m. EST as well.)

If you have yet to follow the development of Undisputed, you missed a lot, but here is what Steel City Interactive wants to release in the retail build of the game:

50+ licensed fighters at the start of early access, with more to come. From legendary names like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson to boxing’s current champions, including Canelo Alvarez, Terence Crawford, and Tyson Fury.

  • An exciting Women’s Division with stars like Katie Taylor, Jessica McCaskill, Natasha Jonas, and Ebanie Bridges.
  • The WBC, British Boxing Board of Control, and other real-life boxing organizations.
  • Boxing equipment and apparel brands such as Empire Pro Tape & Adams.
  • Punch stats and presentation featuring CompuBox.
  • Fighter introductions by the legendary Jimmy Lennon Jr.
  • Distinguished referee Kenny Bayless.

Some of the biggest names and equipment in the world of pro boxing will be in Undisputed, and that is just the beginning as the developers have applied a heavy emphasis on boxing mechanics in hopes of delivering a truly authentic experience in the ring. It’s an experience our own Kevin Groves has been impressed by so far.

The game will also eventually feature a deep career mode and the ability to take your skills online and see where you stack up.

Bottom Line

The release calendar is loaded with sports titles appearing in 2023, which covers all major sports and the two and four-wheel variety. There are at least a few titles that could have easily made this list, such as IndyCar 2023 or the new free-to-play UFL soccer game seemingly set to release this year.

Regardless of what sport you enjoy playing, this should be the year developers start taking full advantage of the next-gen hardware. On top of that, this is the year we’re finally getting some competition in some of the major sports.

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