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Moonshot Weekend 2 Event - 2nd Half Heroes Nelson Cruz and Eugenio Suarez

Moonshot Weekend 2 Event - 2nd Half Heroes Nelson Cruz

MLB The Show 22

Moonshot Weekend 2 Event - 2nd Half Heroes Nelson Cruz and Eugenio Suarez

Love them or hate them, Moonshot events seem to be the most popular event type in MLB The Show, and it doesn’t seem any different for MLB The Show 22. The hook for this one is that you can only use bronze right-handed pitchers against any and all hitters. You will also be free to play at any stadium this time around. Your player rewards as you rack up wins will be 2nd Half Heroes Eugenio Suarez and then 2nd Half Heroes Nelson Cruz.

This event will run until May 17.

Moonshot Weekend 2 Event

Moonshot Weekend 2 Event

  • Any hitters
  • Bronze right-handed pitchers
  • 3-inning games
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • Free entries (as always)


  • 1 win – The Show pack
  • 3 wins – 500 stubs
  • 5 wins – 2,500 XP, Headliners Set 8 pack
  • 7 wins – Rewind Events choice pack
  • 10 wins – 2,500 XP, 2nd Half Heroes Eugenio Suarez

Moonshot Weekend 2 Event - 2nd Half Heroes Eugenio Suarez

First up is Eugenio Suarez. We should all be well versed with Suarez at this point, but if not, there’s just something about him that clicks with many of us. He’s a Battle Royale superstar, and getting maxed out power here against RHP is a nice thing to get from someone you can technically play at SS. He has the arm for the position, but I think it’s really dicey to not keep him at 3B. Regardless, he’s always a nice player to have around.

  • 13 wins – 2,000 stubs, Headliners Set 9 pack
  • 15 wins – 2,500 XP, 2nd Half Heroes Nelson Cruz

Moonshot Weekend 2 Event - 2nd Half Heroes Nelson Cruz

I feel like this is the 10th version of Nelson Cruz we have gotten this season, but I imagine that’s a slight exaggeration on my part. That said, the stats here are undeniable, and he’s a lock to throw out there against any and all LHP. Even against RHP he’s of course extremely usable, but this card looks like a monster for any clutch situation where you need a hit off a tough lefty pitcher. The fielding and speed are in shambles (as always), but I think you can live with it when he’s giving you this much at the plate.

  • 18 wins – 2,000 stubs
  • 20 wins – 2,500 XP, Rewind Events choice pack
  • 23 wins – The Show pack (x5)
  • 25 wins – 2,500 XP, Big Dog Set 1 choice pack
  • 27 wins – Big Dog Set 2 Set 2 choice pack
  • 30 wins – 5,000 XP, Big Dog Set 3 choice pack

Bottom Line

As always with Moonshot games, you just have to ride the wave. Don’t get too hung up on wins or losses, think of it more as a way to knock out any leftover missions you might have while hopefully slowly getting up to the win totals you care to reach. Also, here is a helpful cheat sheet from Inside The Show if you’re looking for some RHP to use:

All the pitchers besides Jonathan Loaisiga should be under a couple hundred stubs if you don’t have any of them already. I also think you should not worry too much about your starters for this event. I will personally be finishing out my Monthly Awards missions here, which for me means racking up some stats with Andre Dawson. I also still need to get some stats with Michael Brantley to get the Astros Connect uniforms.

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