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Monster Truck Championship Preview - Shaping Up Nicely for October

monster truck championship preview

Monster Truck Championship

Monster Truck Championship Preview - Shaping Up Nicely for October

It’s been some time since the last simulation-based monster truck game was released, but NACON and TEYON are looking to change that with the upcoming release of Monster Truck Championship. The goal is to deliver a title that is fun, over the top and simulation-based. On the surface, those buzzwords seem to be at odds with each other. But in the world of huge machines, massive power and incredible driver skill, it makes more sense why that’s the angle being taken here.

So, what is this game all about? Well let’s discuss in this Monster Truck Championship preview.

Monster Truck Championship Preview

In Monster Truck Championship, players can race on 25 circuits in different cities across the United States in several game modes: freestyle, race, destruction, time attack and an online mode where up to eight players can race against each other.

Drivers can choose from 18 completely customizable vehicles with the ability to improve acceleration and top speed with a finely tuned engine, adjust the vehicle’s stability via suspension stiffness, modify grip with tires selected according to the competition and much more. Over 50 elements are available to help create trucks that combine performance and style.

Monster Truck Championship also has a career mode where players take part in different tournaments, upgrade their trucks after wins, and manage their team and finances. The aim is to take home the ultimate prize: become the Professional League Champion at the Monster Truck Finals.

Monster Truck Championship boasts multiple features to increase immersion, such as crowd cheers, throbbing engines and collision damage. The game is trying to faithfully reproduce all the unique demands of mastering these powerful trucks, including independent front and rear-wheel management, mass transfer anticipation in bends, and predicting bounces after jumps. Monster Truck Championship seems like it will be for fans of monster trucks, and players looking for a thrilling and unique motorsports simulation.

Again, also keep in mind that Monster Truck Championship is a simulation that allows players to climb aboard a giant truck to take part in various competitions. My point being, don’t expect to perform impossible aerial stunts by simply pushing down the accelerator. Instead, it appears you’ll be required to master the vehicle physics to pull off the kinds of realistic tricks that drivers perform in real competitions.

Both NACON and TEYON were kind enough to invite me to a private press conference to help explain their approach to the game and provided me with an early preview copy. After spending roughly two weeks with the game trying out various modes, I can say that this is the type of title that will appeal to the masses. This means adults and kids can enjoy the game together, and newcomers and huge fans of the sport will find aspects of the title that connect with them.

Having two kids of my own and taking them to a few monster truck events over the last couple of years, both had a blast watching me play MTC and more fun playing it themselves. The game’s controls felt unique in a way that controlling a 12,000-pound piece of machinery would compare to say a 3,500-pound Cup car would in NASCAR, and easy enough for all to enjoy while still providing a secondary set of options to take your truck’s performance to the next level of realism.

The physics and reaction of the trucks felt spot on for me and looked as realistic as what one would see in real life. Each mode felt fun and different enough to require a different approach, and without giving away too much, there were some cool customization options in the creation suite.

The game is slated to come out in October, and the state the game is in now during the beta/preview is already extremely solid. Monster Truck Championship is a title to keep your eyes on whether you’re a huge fan of the sport, a novice fan or a parent with kids who love watching these monsters come alive.

Monster Truck Championship will be available in October on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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