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MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show - Five Things We Need

mlb the show 21 road to the show

MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show - Five Things We Need

The feature premieres from the SDS team started this week, and we know Road to the Show will be getting one for Road to the Show on March 25. This falls under the umbrella of the “Ball Player Introduction” feature premiere because we know RttS is expanding in a way where you’ll be able to use your created player in more ways and modes. With all that in mind, Matt is back this week with a top five list explaining what he wants to see in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21.

I’m not sure how feature-rich RttS will be this year with new upgrades beyond going the more NBA 2K route of having your CAP available in more areas, but we won’t have to wait to long to find out more.

What about you folks, what’s on your list of things you would love to see this year from RttS?


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  1. What about y'all, what makes your top five for RttS? Let us know here or in the comments on the YouTube video. Thanks for the continued support!
    I've said this for years.
    I'd love to play RTTS with a friend online. I'm SS, hes 2B, or were both Outfielders. Whatever, I'll gladly watch him bat. That would be half the fun. Each game will still only be 15ish minutes.
    I'd also like the salary to mean something at some point.
    Sometimes I feel like signing the vet minimum just so my team stays competitive and that's unrealistic. AI Team management is still yucky in the game.
    Love this. Big fan of the idea of pre and post-game expansion and maybe more media interaction. Also a big fan of the high school and college season additions. That's actually been one aspect of Madden that I've enjoyed the past couple years as they've expanded on that pre-draft part of the development. And, selfishly, I'm just itching for more college sports video games :)
    They need to fix the defensive shifts where the defensive players are not in the proper shifted position. Other than that a little pre-draft immersion could not hurt and being able to initiate contact with your agents is needed, though I suspect the only thing we are going to hear about RTTS this year is how they want us to use ours players in DD.
    1. Playable single A. Low A or High A doesn't really matter to me I just want Single A since realistically the average minor league player does not start in AA. I don't care if it has to be a next gen exclusive I'd actually prefer it if that's the only way it gets in.
    2. Media interaction and interviews similar to NBA 2k. Post game interviews/locker room interviews/interviews after trades, etc. No story unless we have a whole lot of choices. Give our players a voice give us multiple voice options. I just want to hear my player talk no more text bubbles this out of all of them is probably one of the things I care about the most.
    3. Agents. Let me hire/fire my agent like the old madden games and let me have 24/7 access to them to demand trades, contract extensions, etc. Every agent needs to be different too you could have the Scott Boras type agents, and the smalltime agents who are bad at getting you big deals but have more time for you.
    4. Money. RTTS money has been useless for the lifetime of this entire mode let us do something with it. Let me buy drills with it, let me buy a specialized diet/training program. Something that is worth getting those huge contracts. People want houses make houses work like equipment one house will give you +20 to durability, or +15 to bating clutch etc. Let us walk around the house and add fun mini games alternate between the house/locker room. Add in performance bonuses that work like the old contract goals from MLB 06 and MLB 07 RTTS.
    5. Post retirement career. Let me become a manager.
    let me go back to making a 40 year old rookie, see if I can just get a sip of big league coffee before I retire.
    fun challenge is fun

    I miss that soo much. I remember back in 08 the show I made a 45 year old and he made the AA all star game that year.
    Just give us the ability to edit players across the entire league.

    Id go a step further, and it would be cool if you could at any time control the 30 teams. Just for lineup and roster management. I am not crazy about doing every meticulous thing for a team, but I have seen how badly teams decision making is over X amount of years.

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