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MLB The Show 21 - Five Unique Stadiums From the Vault

unique stadiums mlb the show 21

MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 - Five Unique Stadiums From the Vault

Brian has been hard at work creating unique stadiums with the new stadium creator tool in MLB The Show 21. While Bob has been using the feature to try and re-create some old classics, Brian is going the other route and putting his own creative juices to the test.

Now that you can search by Online ID, you can find all these stadiums and try them out for yourself by searching for the ID: UniqueMazique.


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  1. Bob has been focusing on re-creating some old classics, so we also wanted to showcase the tool with five unique stadiums that don't just try to mimic the past as well.
    Online ID: UniqueMazique
    There are some great stadiums in the vault that are extremely detailed in and outside of the stadiums. Personally I don’t like to see seating included that has its line of site from the field blocked, or obstacles overdone, like the arches, however to each his own. That said, the stadium creator does allow for some gorgeous professional looking parks.

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