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MLB The Show 20: What Cityscapes Does The Show Get Right?

mlb the show 20 cityscapes

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: What Cityscapes Does The Show Get Right?

There was a post on Reddit by user DrunkDeathClaw that felt like something I would usually see in our Little Things thread here on OS. It highlights how the highway signs behind RF at Miller Park in MLB The Show 20 are actually correct.

Day 4 of no Baseball, I noticed that the highway signs behind RF in MLB the Show are actually correct. from r/MLBTheShow

I have seen some other people on OS talk about how impressive the landscapes/cityscapes are outside the stadiums this year, so I thought this thread might be helpful for those who may want to share what else is realistic. Sports games overall have actually done a great job with these sorts of details in the past couple years, which is funny to me because we only see them for brief moments during intros or cuts between innings a lot of the time. Still, the art teams on these games deserve credit for nailing something most won’t ever notice or even see.


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  1. When I play road games in franchise I spend some time at the start of the game exploring the ballpark in instant replay. I’ll have to start looking outside the park too.
    I always like looking outside the stadiums on replays. I love the little details like this. Unfortunately, not all stadiums have the same level of detail.
    The two things for me are filling in the empty space and textures. Some stadiums have empty space outside the ballpark that isn’t developed and just looks like a black hole. Other locations have skyscrapers that aren’t quite textured right and makes them look poor in comparison to the actual stadium (PNC is an example of this).
    I’m hoping the ps5 allows for more robust cities outside the parks. I will say, though, that the Show does a very good job with stadiums and fans in seats. By far the best of any sports games that I play.
    Comerica Park in Detroit. It has both "Monument Park" behind the Chevrolet Fountain in Center Field, and the David Broderick Tower behind right field. Though, in the game, this tower has sharks on it, in real life, it has a Humpback Whale mural.
    Also, if you listen after the game, the PA announcer mentions the People Mover, and the "Grand Circus Park" station. This is the actual closest station to Comerica Park.
    But there are some parks where they did have to take necessary shortcuts.  If you hit a long fly ball to left center in Camden Yards, lock the camera onto the baseball, then follow the ball out there.  Take a look behind the warehouse:  not much out there, despite the Convention Center being right about where it should be visible.  No Light Rail station, either.
    No, they weren't going to be able to realistically model absolutely everything, so that's an observation, not a complaint.  Though it does set up an intriguing question:  for future gen sports games, could they possibly model a downtown area, and use those in-game assets for cutaways that previously required FMV?
    Boring but helpful tip for anyone who doesn't know: use the Replay Vault during or after a game to get a better look at things like this.
    Find a replay with the highest-hit ball of the game. HR, sac fly, pop ups, etc - it's all good.
    Lock the cursor on the ball as the pitcher releases it and zoom all the way out. At the ball's highest point, hit left or right to move to the next replay. The camera stays at whatever height you left at and since it's a new replay it's no longer locked to the baseball, so you have a lot more freedom in checking out the stadium and scenery.
    Obviously not much to see, but Toronto is correct. I've been in those condos that peer over the third base line, and the CN tower is in the correct spot.
    The announcer mentions union station via the skywalk, which is also correct. Then he mentions something about providing extra streetcars.
    Yes, there are streetcars nearby, and you can also take some from Union, but Toronto, doing something positive to improve public transportation after a big event? Pure fiction. Not like the city could do much anyways. I've been caught in raw foot traffic after a playoff game, and in spite of our slow shuffle, we were still moving faster than the street was. Streetcars didn't stand a chance. I decided to walk all the way home that day (I lived between Liberty Village and the Queen/Ossington intersection) and I'm pretty sure I tied the King Street streetcar.
    Edit: just realized the exact location I described is a rehab and mental institution. I lived just west of it... Or did I?
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    Definitely not Citizens Bank Park. They don't care about it. Hotel behind the stadium was demolished last year and it is still in the game. Probably will still be there in MLB 21 too.
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    You can actually see outside the Trop if you zoom all the way out on a high fly ball. There is nothing out there, it’s like the stadium was built on the moon.
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    Actually, Tampa is NOT spot on.* The Trop is in St. Petersburg.* There's a difference.
    oh, I'm aware. I just went w/Tampa since that's in their name. I was afraid people woulb be confused and thought I was talking about a city in Russia :)
    Wow! I was wondering about that!
    little known fact: St. Pete's nickname is the City of Catwalks.
    the Yankees have Sinatra & New York, New York. St Pete has Right Said Fred & I'm Too Sexy (I do my little turn on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah)
    love taking a peak outside the stadium, but the cars in the parking lot looks like a Yugo convention going on. Ug uh lee

    Pretty much the cars in England you'd say about 5 years ago? :lol:
    Yankee and Citi field are spot in from the train running in Yankee Stadium and planes flying over Citi Field
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    Citi Field is not spot on, they are missing LaGuardia Airport scenery behind CF. If you peak back there it is not there. Also the Citi Party zone behind the CF scoreboard is also not there at all near Shake Shack.
    Oracle Park in SF is mostly right. Of course they are limited because of the copyright on the Coke bottle. I wished they fixed mccovey cove. I would love it to be more detailed with the bridge and water physics. Instead you just see a grey blob with kayaks.
    Globe Life Field looks pretty good. You can see the Ballpark in Arlington out of the windows in center field, and Texas Live! out of the left center field windows. Even the top of Cowboys Stadium behind home plate. As a Rangers fan, I thought that was pretty accurate and awesome to see.
    They added more buildings to coors field back behind home plate area which was cool to see because in real life you can see them from the outfield. The mountains in the outfield look good too but have no idea how accurate that is.
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