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MLB The Show 20: Topps Now Trea Turner Among 6 New Players for September

topps now trea turner

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: Topps Now Trea Turner Among 6 New Players for September

Topps Now September launched the same day as the August Monthly Awards came out, and it was six high-rated players including Topps Now Trea Turner who is a 99 overall. You can get three of them for free in a choice pack if you complete all the moments. The other new players are Topps Now Adam Duvall, Topps Now Alex Dickerson, Topps Now Brad Miller, Topps Now Eugenio Suarez, Topps Now Franmil Reyes. This begins the Topps Now September list, and we’ll probably have four weeks.

Going through each of the six players real quick:

  • Topps Now Trea Turner is a 99 overall. He has 112 contact vs. RHP and 103 contact vs. LHP. He also has 100 vision and the usual 99 speed. He also has his usual positional versatility. Turner is a very popular player in some circles so I could see this card getting some run.
  • Topps Now Franmil Reyes has 109 contact vs. RHP, 100 contact vs. LHP, maxed power against RHP and 103 power vs. LHP. Reyes having 80 vision is actually pretty good for him, and bronze defense is fine as well. My issue with Reyes is his swing just always feel slow to me, so I have doubts about this card.
  • Topps Now Eugenio Suarez is a 97 overall with maxed power vs. RHP and 115 power vs. LHP. He has 98 arm strength and 94 reactions while having SS eligibility so this is another card that has major power from the middle infield if you want to do it. I like using Suarez so this is another interesting card for me.
  • Topps Now Brad Miller is a 96 overall and his usual super utility self. He has 110 contact vs. RHP and 104 power vs. RHP to go with 124 discipline and 89 vision. His gold fielding means he should be able to move around easily enough. Brad Miller is legitimately one of my favorite swings to use to this day so I’m very excited about this card.
  • Topps Now Alex Dickerson is a 95 overall with maxed power vs. RHP and 106 contact vs. RHP.
  • Topps Now Adam Duvall is a 98 overall with maxed power vs. RHP and 115 power vs. LHP. He has 90 fielding, 91 arm strength and can bounce between the outfield and corner infield spots, so that arm strength should be helpful all over the place. I don’t have a ton of experience with Duvall but this card looks interesting.

Again, this is the first batch of Topps Now September players, but presumably this will not be as chock full of players as the combined two-month program that came before it.

Topps Now Moments September August 31-September 06

september topps now moments

  • August 31: History Is Made
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Pitch 1 inning
    • Strike out 1 batter
  • September 1: Noone Iller Than
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Hit 2 home runs
  • September 1: Grandpa Alex
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Tally 3 XBH
  • September 1: La Mole
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Tally 8 TB
  • September 2: Duvy X3
    • Hit 1 home run
  • September 3: Clayton Ks You
    • Pitch 6 innings
    • Strike out 8 batters
    • Do not give up 1 run
  • September 3: Run Trea Run
    • Difficulty: All-Star
    • Tally 4 total bases
  • September 5: Bolibomba Suarez
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Tally 3 XBH

Some of these moments do look like they’ll be a pain in the butt even on Rookie, so this might take a little time to pull off. However, you do get three free players for doing these moments so there’s that.

New Players

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