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MLB The Show 20: Signature Series Alan Trammell in Headliners Set 34

signature series alan trammell

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: Signature Series Alan Trammell in Headliners Set 34

Headliners Set 34 Alan Trammell replaces Silver Slugger Charlie Blackmon in Headliners packs today in MLB The Show 20‘s Diamond Dynasty mode. Signature Series Alan Trammell is a 98 overall.

Trammell looks solid across the board. No stat is below 74, and so basically it looks like he should be a consistent five-tool asset who just doesn’t quite rate as elite in power or speed. He looks like an ideal two-hole hitter who can also hold down shortstop. There are a lot of worthy players at shortstop so Trammell isn’t a must-have player, but Tigers fans should probably be stoked for this card.

I don’t think he beats out Didi or Correa for me at this juncture, but that might simply come down to my trust in both of those players in comparison to the unknown Trammell.

Here are the full ratings for Trammell:

signature series alan trammell

Here are his quirks:

headliners set 34 alan trammell

Here is a look at his price on the community market about an hour after he went live:

alan trammell community market

The odds on the Headliners packs remain the same as always, so good luck if you try getting him in packs as you’ll have a 1:10 chance at a diamond, albeit that diamond might not be Signature Series Alan Trammell.

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