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MLB The Show 20: New 12-0 Flawless Rewards in BR Are Donaldson and Feller

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MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: New 12-0 Flawless Rewards in BR Are Donaldson and Feller

The new 12-0 flawless rewards for Battle Royale in MLB The Show 20 have once more been updated. We have gone from Machado and Parker being the newest members to now Josh Donaldson and Bob Feller. The Signature Series Bob Feller and Awards Josh Donaldson are both 99 overall.

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MVP Josh Donaldson is a primary 3B with terrific hitting numbers and enough fielding to get by. The 125 clutch stands out, and he doesn’t really have a weakness when hitting. Donaldson is extremely popular at times, so I won’t be shocked if this card sticks around for a bit.

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Signature Series Bob Feller has a tougher hill to climb. That being said, SDS is trying to sell him by expanding his pitch arsenal from his last card that came out in the 2nd Inning Program. In addition to the four pitches he had on his All-Star card, he now gets a fifth pitch that is a sinker. The sinker is undisputed as the best pitch in the game, so maybe adding that to his arsenal gets people off Feller’s fastball enough to make him more viable. I personally did not mind using Feller to Prestige him, so I’m mildly interested in this card, but I don’t think it has the same cache as Donaldson.

As always, 12-0 flawless rewards are for the elite of elite, so you probably will end up having to buy these cards if you want them. These cards are generally never cheap on the community market, so you really have to want these players to pursue them one way or the other.

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