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Maximum Football Playtest Starts in October - Sign Up Now

maximum football playtest

Maximum Football

Maximum Football Playtest Starts in October - Sign Up Now

Modus Games has revealed their Maximum Football playtest is set to kick off in October. If you’re looking to participate, be sure to register now for an opportunity to be part of the action. It’s important to note that registering does not ensure guaranteed access.

Lead your team to victory in the ultimate football simulation! Start your college career or play with the pros across varied and dynamic stadiums around the country. As head coach, make all the decisions, from drafting your roster to calling the plays. The Maximum Football universe has been completely overhauled to deliver players an ultrarealistic experience that is entirely free to play.

Fully customize your team, recruit your dream roster, and take it to the gridiron locally or online as you build your legacy. Tight, rewarding moves allow players to feel the true sensation of being on the field and smooth, responsive controls mean every play is performed as planned. Live service content ensures fresh chances to up your game as you rise through the ranks to take your place beside the legends.

Check out some of the recent Maximum Football playtest gameplay videos below from some of their testers.

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