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Matt10's Madden 24 Sliders (Version 5)

madden nfl 24 release

Madden NFL 24

Matt10's Madden 24 Sliders (Version 5)

With Thursday Night Football being the start of the NFL season, we figure it’s time to start posting some of the amazing community content on OS. Starting with a veteran presence, we have Matt10’s Madden 24 sliders, which are currently up to Version 5 as of now. As always, you can go and give feedback on the sliders on our forums (as long as it’s constructive).

With that said, here is a look at the sliders and an explanation of them from Matt10 and the crew who help put them together. These sliders will be for All-Pro and All-Madden, with some values being tweaked for All-Pro vs. All-Madden.

Matt10’s Madden 24 Sliders

Focus of the Sliders: It’s all about animations for me, and ensuring that they are logical within the context of what is happening on the field. There’s no stat chasing, just enjoy the game and hope that games play competitive enough. Ratings can play out, sure, but just like IRL, that’s not always going to be the case. If it were, there’d never be any romance in football.

My aim this year is to keep it really simple. I’ll take constructive criticism of course, but I won’t just jump in at every issue. As the thread continues, I’ll start a suggestion section that will go over how to make things easier/harder, etc.

Version 5 introduces fatigue into the Madden 24 sliders finally. This was a change that I still can’t believe works because of the pain of previous years where the animations would always break down no matter what. However, the findings are good, and the best part is we’re seeing rotations when players are fatigued, as they should. This is without touching auto-subs as well, so even better.

From there, it was about tweaking the All-Madden set as the CPU was still a bit overpowered. QBA gets dropped mainly to allow more realistic looking throws from the CPU QB. Where they were hitting the numbers or hands perfectly, now some passes may be slightly off target and look more like timing issues than anything. The pressure on the CPU QB is also addressed to make the user’s DL feel like they aren’t running into a brick wall constantly. CPU RBL was dropped as well to balance the blocking.

Last change was Fumbles to 49 to create more chances of fumbles as there have been low numbers based on sample size.

Fatigue will play a big role overall, as it should, but the adjustments to the CPU values in the All-Madden set will help a lot to balance the set. Enjoy Version 5!

Madden 24 Sliders

  • Make sure to edit the sliders in the main menu.
  • Make sure to reset the sliders in the Franchise before importing.
  • Import the sliders in franchise.

Matt10’s Madden 24 Sliders – Version 5 || feat. MrHurriicane

Game Options
*Please see spoilers in the OP for previous version values. Previous version values are noted in parentheses.*

Skill Level: All-Madden and All-Pro
Game Style: Simulation
Quarter Length: 12 minutes
Accelerated Clock: On
Minimum Play Clock Time: 15 seconds
System: Current Gen (PS5, XB Series X)
Rosters: EA Default (Active or Preseason)
Auto-subs: Default
Superstar Abilities: On | Personal Preference

Gameplay Helpers

Auto Flip Defensive Play Call: Off
Defensive Ball Hawk: On
Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: Off
Defensive Switch Assist: Off

Player Sliders

Injuries: 25
Fatigue: 80 (Previous 50)
Speed Disparity Scale: 45


Offside: 55
False Start: 55
Offensive Holding: 85
Facemask: 55
Illegal Block in the Back: 50
Roughing the Passer: 50
Defensive Pass Interference: 50
Ineligible Receiver Downfield: On
Offensive Pass Interference: On
Kick Catch Interference: On
Intentional Grounding: Off
Roughing the Kicker: On
Running into the Kicker: On
Illegal Contact: Off

Gameplay Sliders

////All-Madden USER/CPU

QB Accuracy: 50/45 (Previous 50/48)
Pass Blocking: 50/35 (Previous 50/50)
WR Catch: 50/48
Run Blocking: 35/30 (Previous 35/35)
Fumbles: 49/49 (Previous 50/50)
Pass Defensive Reaction: 55/50
Interceptions: 45/45
Pass Coverage: 55/48
Tackling: 50/50

Special Teams

FG Power: 50/50
FG Accuracy: 45/45
Punt Power: 50/50
Punt Accuracy: 50/50
Kickoff Power: 50/50

////All-Pro USER/CPU

QB Accuracy: 48/52
Pass Blocking: 50/50
WR Catch: 48/50
Run Blocking: 25/50
Fumbles: 50/50
Pass Defensive Reaction: 50/55
Interceptions: 48/50
Pass Coverage: 50/55
Tackling: 50/55

Special Teams

FG Power: 50/50
FG Accuracy: 45/50
Punt Power: 50/50
Punt Accuracy: 50/50
Kickoff Power: 50/50

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