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Madden NFL 20: Official Operation Sports Super Bowl LIV Simulation

Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20: Official Operation Sports Super Bowl LIV Simulation

After a slow 1-3 start, our Madden 20 simulation has now accurately predicted five of the last six games, bringing our overall total to 6-4 heading into Super Bowl LIV.

We took a broad look at things with Kevin’s 10-game Super Bowl simulation, so now let’s take one last in-depth look at our final Madden Super Bowl LIV simulation.


  • Time: 15 Minutes, Accelerated Clock
  • Difficulty: All-Madden
  • Gameplay: Simulation

Super Bowl LIV

As we will all see tonight, there are very few stadiums in the NFL as glorious as Hard Rock. If the NFL were smart, they would allow every Super Bowl to take place in South Florida, but I digress (editor’s note: he’s a Dolphins fan).

The Chiefs might be favorites in Vegas, but from a record standpoint, they are the underdogs and will have the opportunity to call the coin toss. Kansas City wins the toss and elects to defer until the second half.

First Quarter

Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers offense would start the game with a quick three and out. The Chiefs would do the same, as both teams were feeling one another out early on in the first quarter. It was the 49ers’ next drive where things began to pick up.

After a few successful runs from Tevin Coleman and Raheem Mostert, Jimmy G would hit George Kittle down the seam for a significant 33-yard gain. A few plays later, Garoppolo would once again find his target, connecting with Deebo Samuel for a deep 42-yard strike down the sideline for the first touchdown of the game.

The 49ers go up 7-0.

San Francisco’s defense would continue to stifle the Chiefs and force Patrick Mahomes to go three and out.

The 49ers would have another fruitful drive late in the first quarter, but would have to settle for a field goal after a big pass deflection from Tyrann Mathieu.

Still, the 49ers push the lead to 10.

Second Quarter

If the first quarter was all San Francisco, then the second would be all Kansas City. After a significant return on the ensuing kickoff, the Chiefs began to do what they do and move the ball at will.

Damien Williams got involved on the ground, carrying the ball five times for 38 yards on this drive. The big play, however, came on a crucial 3rd and 7. Patrick Mahomes moved to his left, eluded the inside pressure from Chris Jones, moved back to the right, and then threw a dime across his body to Tyreek Hill in the end zone for six.

The Chiefs close the gap as now the Niners are only up 10-7.

On the very next 49ers possession, Tevin Coleman coughed up the football. A few plays later the Chiefs found themselves once again in a critical third-down predicament. Fortunately for the 49ers, they were able to make the stop and force the field goal.

We’re all tied up at 10 with just under 6 minutes to go in the second quarter.

San Francisco desperately needed to get something going before the half. Virtual Kyle Shanahan devised a perfect game plan, which relied heavily on the speed of his wide receivers and the big, powerful tight end in the middle of the field. The 49ers were able to move the ball down the field and cap off an eight-play drive with a George Kittle 8-yard TD grab right before the half.

17-10 49ers as we go to halftime.

Third Quarter

Kansas City came out of the locker room looking anemic and had to punt the football after a quick three and out. The 49ers were able to put together a drive but had to settle for a field goal, increasing their lead to 10.

It was at that moment the Chiefs realized they had to do something, or else their dreams of winning the Lombardi would never come to fruition. And much like he did versus Houston a few weeks ago, Patrick Mahomes put the team on his back.

Mahomes moved the ball methodically downfield versus arguably the best defense in all of football. He completed passes to five different receivers, finishing the drive off with a 12-yard dot to Travis Kelce in the corner of the end zone.

This has been a fun one as the 49ers are now up just 20-17.

San Francisco continued to control the clock, and much like we saw versus the Packers, they continued to utilize their rushing attack. As the clock slowly started to wind down in the third quarter, the 49ers were faced with a big decision. Go for it on 4th and 1 inside the KC 35-yard line, or try for the 50-yard field goal. They chose the latter. The kick had enough distance but sailed wide right, giving the Chiefs excellent field position as we headed into the fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Unlike the 49ers, Kansas City had struggled to establish a run game. That changed on this possession as they relied heavily on Damien Williams and LeSean McCoy. On a 2nd and 5 from their 49-yard line, McCoy broke off a big run off tackle for a 35-yard gain. A few plays later, Patrick Mahomes found Damien Williams in the flats for an easy touchdown.

The Chiefs were back in front now, the score 24-20.

The clock was quickly starting to wind down, so if Garoppolo and the 49ers wanted to prove to the world they belonged, the time was now.

Much like we saw earlier in the game, the 49ers orchestrated a calculated drive. Utilizing both the pass and the run game, San Francisco took the ball downfield rather quickly. Maybe, even too fast. With 2:15 seconds left in the game, Jimmy G connected with Emmanuel Sanders on a deep curl route, giving the 49ers a three-point lead late in the 4th quarter.

It was now time for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to try and orchestrate their own final scoring drive. A scoring drive that could be the difference between hoisting the Lombardi or falling inches short of becoming world champions.

The Chiefs immediately got to work from their own 25-yard line, but surprised some folks on first down by running for an 8-yard gain on a draw that would take us to the two-minute warning. On the next play, Mahomes scrambled for 6 yards off the right side and ran out of bounds to stop the clock. Two plays later, he would find Tyreek Hill crossing down the middle of the field for a 17-yard gain.

After an HB screen to Damien Williams, the Chiefs were in 49ers territory with under a minute to go. Two plays later, Mahomes would once again find Tyreek Hill, this time wide open down the left sideline. Touchdown Chiefs!

So the Chiefs would go up 31-27 with just about no time left on the clock.

Jimmy G was in a nearly impossible situation, so Kansas City’s defense hunkered down and forced him to throw into double coverage to seal the game.

Final Score: 31-27 Chiefs

Super Bowl MVP: Tyreek Hill – 7 receptions, 148 yards, 2 TDs

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