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Madden NFL 20 MUT: Which Harvest Cards Are Getting Boosted?

Madden NFL 20 MUT

Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20 MUT: Which Harvest Cards Are Getting Boosted?

The ability to craft the six Thanksgiving Day All-Stars in MUT 20 ended this morning before the Thanksgiving games were played. These six players had stats tied to their attributes. If they completed one half of their statistical objectives, they would get +1 overall. If they completed both parts of their objectives, they would receive +2 overall. With the games now being wrapped up, we know what to expect when these cards get their upgrades.

Let’s go through them.

The six players that you could craft were Dak Prescott, Micah Hyde, Calvin Ridley, T.J. Hockenson, Roquan Smith and Marshon Lattimore. These cards will become tradeable in the auction house on 12/03.

Dak Prescott


  • 250+ passing yards – PASSED
  • 3+ total touchdowns – FAILED

Prescott was able to put together some fourth-quarter yardage to surpass 250 passing yards. However, he ended the game (regrettably for Cowboys fans) with just 2 touchdowns.

Prescott will get +1 overall to 91 overall.

Micah Hyde


  • 4+ total tackles – PASSED
  • 1+ interceptions – FAILED

Hyde ended up accruing 10 total tackles. He also did intercept a pass but it was nullified due to a penalty.

Hyde will get +1 overall to 91 overall.

T.J. Hockenson


  • 3+ receptions – PASSED
  • 1+ total touchdowns – FAILED

Hockenson got more shots at a touchdown than was perhaps expected but still could not find the end zone. However, he did have 6 receptions for 18 yards.

Hockenson will get a +1 overall to 91 overall.

Roquan Smith


  • 8+ total tackles – PASSED
  • 1+ sacks – PASSED

Roquan Smith racked up stats today with 15 total tackles and two sacks. He easily completed both objectives.

Smith will get +2 overall to 92 overall.

Marshon Lattimore


  • 1+ passes defended – PASSED
  • 1+ interceptions – FAILED

There was some question whether or not Lattimore would play, but he did end up suiting up for the game. He did defend one pass and racked up 9 tackles, but he did not get an interception.

Lattimore will get +1 overall to 91 overall.

Calvin Ridley


  • 40+ receiving yards – PASSED
  • 100+ receiving yards – FAILED


Ridley was targeted plenty tonight, and had the 40+ receiving yards in the first half. He nearly got to 100+ receiving yards, but had to settle for 91 yards when the Falcons flamed out on their final drive during a wild comeback attempt.

Ridley will receive +1 overall to 91 overall.

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