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Madden NFL 20: How Scouting Could Work Better Next Year

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Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20: How Scouting Could Work Better Next Year

DeuceDouglas is a long-time member of OS who has been on a crusade of sorts for years discussing how to refine/remake/redefine franchise mode in Madden. The latest track he’s been on relates to overhauling scouting in Madden. I enjoy reading Deuce’s stuff because he has a penchant for going in-depth while still providing plenty of good visuals along the way. On top of that, he doesn’t just complain, he also highlights how he would fix the problems.

I finally got around to reading and watching his latest on how he would overhaul scouting, and I think franchise heads out there should all watch his video.

It’s engaging, and why I like it so much is because the focus is on the main draw of franchise mode beyond playing games: the draft. Storylines and everything else occurring with your team are fantastic, and the more dynamic they are the better. But I would say the majority of our time in franchise mode — when we’re not playing games — relates to prospects and drafting. The excitement of finding that secret gem or just doing due diligence to make sure you don’t draft a dud are incredibly enjoyable aspects of a football franchise mode.

Deuce understands that and so the focus here is on how to make that portion of the game more interesting by focusing on the scouting aspect of things. I highly recommend checking the video out and giving some thoughts on it.


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  1. If only they would implement the awesome stuff that Deuce has come up with. It's depressing to think about how great Madden would be if he was put in charge of franchise and given the resources necessary to fulfill his vision.
    I think the most important thing they need to implement is the concept of different teams having different scouts so every team has different info on the players they’re scouting, making the draft less certain
    I love Dueces views and Mock ups.M21 is going to have to bring it or it's going to be a end to this series because we all have made wishlist after wishlist and they haven't changed as anything in Franchise mode since M12..And it went dwn hill frm there. So since 2k will be coming it wont be long til The NFL just opens the door for a full sim game and it's over frm there for Madden in my eyes
    There is a whole long thread in here of Dueces ideas with this same type of great stuff. I was told they have his blueprint and it's been nearly three years, if not three years and we got nothing.
    I expect nothing going forward.

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