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Madden NFL 19 MUT Draft Has Been Updated, Here Are All The Changes

Madden NFL 19

Madden NFL 19 MUT Draft Has Been Updated, Here Are All The Changes

For those of you playing Madden NFL 19 MUT Draft mode, EA has revamped a few things today, including revamping the Legend, wide receiver and secondary rounds, as well as adding new players to the draft pool.

Check out the full list of changes below.

  • Revamped Legend Round: The three selection slots in the Legend round will now consistently supply one of the following options:
    1. Slot 1: Secondary Player Selection (SS, FS, DB)
    2. Slot 2: One of the following positions: LB, HB, QB or DL
    3. Slot 3: WR or TE Selection
  • Removed Players: We removed some lower tier players from the draft that would often feel unappealing when picking them. This should help make each round feel as if you are drafting a significant player who can truly help your team.
  • Added New Players & Programs: The following programs have been added to the draft pool with this update: Blitz Players, Football Outsiders, and various other players from previous programs.
  • Moved O-Line Legends into normal Draft pool: All O-Line Legend players have been moved out of the Legend round and placed into the normal draft pool. This should help improve the balance in the trenches. Previously we received feedback that there were a lot better pass rushers in the draft than there were pass blockers. This should help remedy that feedback.
  • Revamped WR Round: We have revamped the “All WR round” in the draft to ensure it is providing elite type receivers. This will help ensure users get at least one good WR option in the draft.
  • Revamped Secondary Rounds: We have revamped the “All Secondary & All DB Round” in the draft to ensure each of those rounds is providing elite secondary players. This will help ensure users are getting at least two good secondary options in the draft.
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