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Madden NFL 18 Player Ratings - Top 5 Rookies

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 Player Ratings - Top 5 Rookies

EA Sports has posted the Madden NFL 18 player ratings for the top 5 rookies in the game this year. Check them out and post your thoughts!

  • Myles Garrett – (Overall – 83)
  • O.J. Howard – (Overall – 82)
  • Leonard Fournette -(Overall – 81)
  • Jamal Adams – (Overall – 81)
  • Christian McCaffrey – (Overall – 81)

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  1. Strange that they chose such a grainy picture for this. It even looks terrible on the EA site.
    Then again, the best way to get people hyped for a game is to refuse to show gameplay and then to release inflated rookie ratings that are paired with awful screenshots.
    Gonna be weird having such a fast guy on the Bengals. Last Time was Andrew Hawkins but he was uber short
    Ross is taller and even faster than Hawk was.
    He's gonna get picked up in draft leagues quick
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    Like many have stated, I think releasing rookie ratings before gameplay is a baffling decision. Clearly the marketing team gets to call the shots here.
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    Essentially a point or two off their gold edition cards in MUT. I guess if anyone wants to get a feel for these rookies, they can try them out in MUT.
    I have used Fournette's player card, his 83 OVR, and it is a great gold level card; I had no problem using the card and making solid yards to complete solo challenges.
    This is all with having an Oline that was also gold, like a lot of tournament players, I don't worry about Oline in MUT.. I also follow the theory of the "The Fat 5" which is available on YouTube which explains how a user can implement an inexpensive but effective OL. I use the Rams Off playbook.
    Why do everyone of these blogs have typos? Its not a big deal to me but we wait a long time for these, so its unbelievable to me when I see them lacking polish after all this time to edit and proofread them.
    Anyway, the ratings seem about right to me. Surprised McCaffrey is as high as Fournette though. And seems odd the first 4 guys all have the same acceleration rating.
    Am I the only one that feels these rookie ratings are too high? As good as some of them undoubtedly will be, none of them have played a down in the NFL yet.
    How is Jonathan Allen a 73? Was projected top 5 in the draft but fell because of shoulder concerns.
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    And Reuben foster a 76? He should easily be one of the top rookies and once the 49ers figure out how to best utilize he will easily be in the 90s
    As a Seminole fan interested to see what Dalvin Cook, & Demarcus Walker are rated. If Joe Mixon is a 79 & McCaffrey & Fournette are 81 hoping Cook is at least an 79-80. Walker 72-75...

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