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Madden NFL 18 Impressions From EA Play (Millennium)

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 Impressions From EA Play (Millennium)

As many of you know,  Millennium has taken over the Operation Sports Twitter account during EA Play and has posted quite a few impressions and details about Madden NFL 18. We’ve rounded up the best ones below, check out our Twitter feed for more.

  • You can absolutely feel the difference in the weight of the controlled player.
  • Player movement feels heavier. Definitely a better weight to it.
  • Scat backs felt quick. Running as a FB without the ball felt like trying to turn a Mac truck.
  • If you overplay as the user in Madden NFL 18 you will pay this year. Overplay meaning if you step ahead of the play. More weight will play a part.

  • Target Passing – difficult but rewarding. Comes off your primary receiver (so reads are important). Rewarding once you ‘get it’
  • Played more MUT Squads – hope gamers in all modes open to at least try it. It’s a lot of fun.
  • Got time 1 vs CPU on Simulation mode in Madden NFL 18 – penalties galore. Passing windows are TIGHT. WR/DB anims are noticeable.
  • Madden NFL 18 Target Passing: Primary Receiver is your first “lock”. Push LT/L2 and the target icon appears. Use L Stick to guide target…
  • If you want to switch target to another receiver – while holding LT/L2 push the button of the receiver. Process begins again.
  • Target Passing IS NOT EASY. You will need practice. It is also NOT required to play the game.
  • It feels more like NFL Fever to an extent, but the target icon isn’t tethered to the receiver.
  • It’s more much more intuitive than Cone ever was.

  • Off ball injuries are in, ANY player interaction has a chance to result in injury. There is a draft board feature coming for AFK drafting, and Coaching Assignments are in.
  • Deep coverages felt better, but way to early to tell. Blue zones seemed to pick up Cover 2 releases better.
  • Underneath coverage is MUCH more aware of C/Corner routes. And passing windows on whole were tighter on All Pro

  • You can manually grab a receiver last 5 yards with the new WR/DB Mechanics
  • saw a coach pick up a player after a tackle on the sidelines yesterday.

  • Coaching Assignments, WR/DB Interactions BOTH have an immediate impact on team building in Franchise Mode.




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  1. I turned on mobile notifications for this account to get his thoughts from EA Play specifically for Madden 18 and I came away pretty impressed with some of the game play improvements that they have made this year. Before I was skeptical if I were going to pre-order the game but I think from just what we have gotten from EA Play, I'll be making that a definite.
    I'm curious why they did not have the curser moved with the RS instead of LS. I feel you should still be able to use the LS to move the QB out of the way of pressure. RS controls arm/aiming
    Really excited for this game. I'm super excited for the new WR/DB controls. This definitely looks like the most in depth madden to date. I feel like this won't be a madden for new users, but for seasoned madden players. We will see.
    didnt  NCAA 7 or 11 on the ps2 have something similar to the target passing?  the mechanics for target passing seems eerily familiar.
    I hope the CPU uses the target passing, coaching adjustments, reach tackles, and grab my WR's. I love that any player interaction has a chance for an injury.
    I'm curious why they did not have the curser moved with the RS instead of LS. I feel you should still be able to use the LS to move the QB out of the way of pressure. RS controls arm/aiming

    You can use the left stick to evade as long as you have not held down L2 to activate target passing. The feature is meant to be used from the pocket and not so much on the run. Needless to say, L2 is no longer used to throw low passes assuming you have the target passing option on.
    Seems to me that there isn't any impressions on sideline graphics improvement, or coordinators, or coaching carousel, this would mean that nothing is changed in this compart in M18 respect to M17?

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