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Madden 24: Pre-Existing Injuries On or Off?

Madden NFL 24

Madden 24: Pre-Existing Injuries On or Off?

Whether it’s Jonathan Taylor, Travis Kelce, or Cooper Kupp, there’s some late-breaking injuries and known injuries that will be hitting both fantasy drafts, real NFL teams, and Madden 24. Some folks (myself included) wait until Week 1 starts to begin their “real” franchise in Madden, and one reason has to do with pre-existing injuries and whether you turn them on or off. Assuming there’s no bugs or anything with the feature (it’s been known to happen in Madden), I ask my fellow OS compatriots whether they like to keep pre-existing injuries on or off?

A lot of this comes down to whether you believe it’s your franchise from day one, or you like keeping it “realistic” for Week 1 and then from there you build your own story. I like keeping pre-existing injuries on and then after Week 1 it’s my story. I know some folks go the even wilder route of updating injuries as the real season progresses, but that just feels like too much work to me. Another layer here is does it depend on the severity of the injury? Kelce seems like he will be week to week. Other players obviously are out for the year or many months (Jalen Ramsey comes to mind).

Really what it comes down to is whether it’s your story or you like to share your story with the real NFL and split the difference. I think I know where most land, but are you into keeping pre-existing injuries on to start your franchise, or do you like to keep them off and just have a clean slate to kick things off.

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