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Madden 24 PC Gameplay Mod From xSABOx

Madden NFL 24

Madden 24 PC Gameplay Mod From xSABOx

If you’ve been in the Madden PC community for any amount of time, it’s likely you’ve heard about the Madden Modding Crew and xSABOx due to all the incredible tweaks they make to Madden 24 on PC. They have now released their gameplay mod in the last couple weeks.

If you play on PC, you should absolutely join that Discord, and you can also find the download link to the gameplay mod right here. If you need help figuring out how to install the mod, again, head to the Discord and you’ll get plenty of help.

As for the mod itself, below you can find the details about what’s in it. As always, this mod (and stuff like the sim stats mods are a work in progress).

Madden 24 PC Gameplay Mod

-Changed how no huddle works, the AI has to actually audible in to their play instead of just getting to the line and it already being picked
-Redid all float curves win chances to balance it out for both sides of the ball
-Increased AI using fake snaps, flip play chance and audible chance
-Increased Adaptive AI awareness rating minimum from 65 to 80
-Decreased how much actions will move the HFA meter by half
-Decreased effects gameplan boosts has on rating by half
-Turned on Walk to line after breaking a huddle
-Removed all All Madden rating boost/decreases
-Turned on fatigue indicator in coach cam
-Fixed broken tackler assist stat tracker
-Removed all USER bonuses and boosts
-Increased fatigue for all positions
-Increased snap off target chance
-Increase long term injury chance
-Increased all penalty chances

-Replaced what plays get assigned to run/pass defense to make sure the AI has smarter selection on early downs.
-Created a NEW “third own” defense that assigns only certain formations to the situation to help with variety
-Replaced the default under 50 play selection for the AI on 3rd Long/Med to include all shotgun pass plays
-Updated every defensive playbook based on real data usage of their zone, man and blitz percentages.
-Replaced the default play selection for the AI on 1st down & 2nd short to include all 300+ plays
-Replaced 2nd long, short, 3rd short and goal line offense to include mroe short pass concepts
-Removed empty formations from no huddle to prevent broken coverage when audibling
-Changed distance triggers for deep zone defenders in cover 4 and cover 3 match
-Changed how defense handles tight formations in match coverage
-Made sure every play is assigned to at least one situation.
-Updated plays that get called at goal line for defense.

-Fixed a bunch of errors in the 2 min drill logic that was causing certain scenarios not to trigger
-Added logic for defense to call timeouts in 2nd quarter if offense is 10 yards from endzone to potentially get the ball back before half
-Added logic that will start no huddle at 5 min mark if trailing by two scores
-Added logic that will start no huddle at 10 min mark if trailing by three scores
-Added logic that will start wasting time in 3rd quarter if winning by three scores
-Added logic that allows the AI to potentially go for 2 when trailing by 15 in 4th
-Decreased offensive audible chances
-Changed timeout logic in 4th quarter when the game is tied
-Changed chew clock logic in fourth quarter from being up 15+ to 12+
-Changed down & distance chew clock rules in fourth quarter
-Changed distance for Extra Long playcalling from 11 yards to 14
-Changed inside own five playcalling to 2 yards
-Changed how the AI decides to go for it on 4th down
-Changed when to spike the ball, call timeout and kick field goal in 2 min drill
-Changed AI to be aggressive in two min drill in 2nd quarter regardless of score
-Changed defensive timeouts when trailing from under 2 mins to 3 mins in 4th quarter
-Added logic to defense to preserve their final timeout if the 2 min warning is coming up in the 4th quarter on 4th down
-Changed defensive playcalling with under 20 seconds remaining in each half to go in to prevent
-Changed plays defense picks from when offense is in no huddle
-Changed when defense selects punt block/safe/normal
-Removed AI kicking FG on 4th down if winning and defense has no timeouts

-Removed only bullet passes being thrown on specific routes
-Increased scramble chances for balanced trait
-Increased distances, downs and scenarios the AI can scramble
-Increased timers to delay overreacting to pressure
-Increased their chances to select a take a shot place concept
-Increased timers on how fast can throw the ball to open receiver
-Increased throwing to covered receivers under pressure
-Decreased throw away at end of half with no timeouts from 22 seconds to 16 seconds
-Decreased throw away chances when under pressure
-Decreased throwing across body at unrealsitic angles
-Increased timer on long pass situation when throwing to checkdown
-Removed drag routes as a checkdown option to reduce AI spamming it

-Increased diceroll threshold for QBs 75 and under
-Increased max throw lead distance from 40 to 570
-Increased max lead range 2.5 to 4.25
-Decreased awareness minimum for throw away ability from 80 to 75
-Decreased deep accuracy and throw on run accuracy
-Removed AI QB all madden accuracy bonus
-Redid the effects pressure has based on the sense pressure trait
-Decreased under pressure distance on non engaged defender
-Increased delay for run fit defenders in play action pass
-Increased throw out of sack chances
-Increased QB break sack chances

-Revamped all blocking win/superwin chances
-Revamped how the pocket is formed
-Increased chip block success chance
-Increased win chance for outside rushers
-Increased lead blocker distance awareness
-Increased disengage chances on QB scramble
-Increased reach attempt while blocked chances and distances
-Removed non engaged negative modifier on speed/bull rush
-Removed all timers for AI to attempt pass rush move
-Added bonus for elite blockers
-Disabled nano detection

-Increased zone defenders breaking on scrambling QB chance
-Removed limit of AI ballcarrier using acceleration and run cuts
-Increased defender reaction if QB keeps ball on read option
-Increased AI using elusive and trucking moves
-Increased prediction time for run defense
-Increased success chance of dive tackles
-Increased run fit reaction times
-Increased break tackle chances
-Increased fumble chances
-Decreased distance AI attempts dive tackle
-Decreased min/max time in run commit
-Decreased AI hitstick usage

-Removed 90 speed rating immediately beating press bonus
-Increased distance for sideline catch distances animation
-Increased Good and Elite route rating requirement
-Increased man coverage reaction time
-Increased man coverage win chances
-Increased drop “slow” speed for deep zones
-Increased break on throw chance for all zones
-Increased play ball success for deep zones
-Increased wait time for interceptions
-Decreased knockout catch chance on aggressive catches
-Decreased successful interception catch chances
-Decreased max time delay for break on arm movement
-Decreased max time delay for zone cut reaction
-Increased tip ball catch chances

-Fixed issue of AI punting OOB beyond their own 40 yard line
-Increased punt hang-time to 4-5 seconds from 3 seconds
-Increased amount of punts downed inside the 10
-Increased block punt attempt chance
-Decreased yardage AI uses fair catch
-Decreased kick power for field goals
-Revamped kick meter accuracy window size by distance of field goal
-Increased field goal attempt kick range by 3 yards
-Increased AI FG accuracy on kicks longer then 50
-Increased meter speed of kick accuracy and power
-Increased meter speed for overkick penalty
-Increased FG penalty for missing window
-Increased kickoff distance for AI
-Increased AI missing FG chance

-You have to change all pocket trait QBs to balanced. Reason is they basically have them disabled from taking off to scramble in too many situations making them do the ridiculous run across LOS to sideline before throwing it away with no defender in front of them.
-Dropped interceptions are the cost of doing business in madden. As frustrating as they might be, the game just doesn’t have enough animations to replace the annoyance of seeing guys drop 2-5 a game. It’s a visual sacrifice that has to be made in order to get best statistical results possible.
-Penalty variety is unfortunately limited in this game. On offense you can only really manipulate holding, false start and illegal block in the back. On defense its offside, facemask, roughting passer and DPI. IRL there are about 22 different penalties you see called every week and half doesnt even exist in Madden. I like to treat facemask like its also unnecessary roughness. Just have to accept the repetitiveness in order to see desired results of 4-8 a game.
-Autosubs were created with progressive fatigue off (will revisit when I make a franchise mod).

Skill Level: All Madden (preferred) or All Pro
Game Style: Sim
Min and Acc: User Preference
NFL Live Playbooks: OFF
Ball Hawk: User Pref
Auto Strafe: User Pref
Heat Seeker: User Pref
Switch Assist: User Pref

Auto-Sub Sliders
QB: 1/0
RB: 92/85
WR: 82/75
FB/TE: 82/75
OL: 1/0
DT: 92/85
DE: 92/85
LB: 82/75
CB: 82/75
S: 82/75

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