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Madden 21 Next-Gen Stats Replay for Every NFL Team (4K)

madden 21 next-gen stats video

Madden NFL 21

Madden 21 Next-Gen Stats Replay for Every NFL Team (4K)

Finishing out our series looking at the aesthetics of Madden 21 next gen, we go through a Madden 21 Next-Gen Stats replay for every NFL team. This was hyped by EA as one of the main additions to the presentation, so seeing a replay for each team sort of puts into perspective how repetitive and/or cool this ended up being the first time around.

This video is in 4K as well so you can see it in the best possible way. We also went through every next-gen stadium and through the next-gen sideline and crowd interactions in prior videos. At this point, I think we have just about covered all there is when it comes to the change in graphics on the new consoles. We also showed off the “secret” broadcast camera that is in next-gen Madden (and the last couple Madden games) so you can try playing from a camera that is both playable and makes the game pop.


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  1. This just about wraps up our look at the aesthetics on next-gen since we hit up all the stadiums, now the replays, and we looked at sideline/crowd interactions too. Plus, we have the comparison between the generations themselves, so we'll probably be moving on to new things now.
    The consistent stuttering in these Next Gen Stats videos is so bad. Not to mention the over the top camera zooms. It's just a flat out swing and a miss by the madden team.

    Not to mention everytime it cuts from one unrealistic camera to another, the video pauses for a second. It was a poor choice to present it this way but if it was at least smooth it would have been better. Honestly the only shot in most of these that looks legit is the one that is far away and looks mildly zoomed in. It looks a little bit like how it's presented on TV but it's the only one of the 6-7 angles that looks good....and it's only there for a second before another unnecessary camera angle pops up. Ugh.
    Was watching NCAA revamped videos and the replay camera on there was better....and I always thought it was bad. Only 2k has really nailed the replay presentation and of course there was one year on madden where you could save replays and it allowed you to pick camera locations from the stadium that were accurate and the saved replays looked amazing to boot. It's gone now. With the ability to record gameplay directly on the console EA doesn't care to allow this anymore.
    The replay angles has been really bad for a while. I think Madden 12 was the last tike we had decent ones. Next Gen stats could be a cool feature but it rarely tells the story of the whole play because the camera angles are either really zoomed in or the camera cuts are really jarring and pick up at bad times during a play.
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