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Madden 20: xAPATHYx Xbox One Roster Updated Through Fourth Round of NFL Draft


Madden NFL 20

Madden 20: xAPATHYx Xbox One Roster Updated Through Fourth Round of NFL Draft

I’m putting a disclaimer at top of these roster posts to make three things clear:

  1. There is a limit to the amount of players who can be added to the game on consoles. If your favorite prospect isn’t in the game, it’s probably not the roster creator’s fault, but rather just a limit of how far they can go creating rosters.
  2. If you have trouble downloading a roster, it is not the roster creator’s fault. EA has fixed some of the community download issues, but it can still be a little spotty at times. Here are the latest tips to get the files if you are struggling:
    • If you’re getting error codes when downloading, try the backup file associated with a roster — if there is one. Or just keep trying (it does download eventually).
    • If your file downloads but doesn’t show up in your load/delete folder, confirm its not in your load folder. From there, quit out of Madden, then restart Madden back up and then immediately go back to the Community Downloads and re-download the file. It should be there now.
  3. Development traits can’t be added outside of franchise mode. This is not in a roster creator’s control — it’s on you once you get into a franchise.

With that said, xAPATHYx has an updated roster for Xbox One:

Gamertag: xAPATHYx13
Roster File Name: UPDATED20

I will also include his notes on the latest changes and what’s still to come below:

Roster Update: 04/26/20

* QB Jameis Winston signed to the Saints
* SS Kavon Frazier signed to the Dolphins

* RB Samaje Perine released from the Dolphins
* C Justin Britt released from the Seahawks
* RG D.J. Fluker released from the Seahawks
* DE Keionta Davis released from the Patriots
* ROLB Terrill Hanks released from the Dolphins
* FS Montre Hartage released from the Dolphins
* SS Tray Matthews released from the Steelers

General Notes:

-I’m getting an overwhelming amount of PMs on Xbox and Twitter lately. Between the 30-40 messages I’m getting per day, it’s getting tougher to respond back to all of you which I’m used to doing. 9x out of 10 I get the same questions – even though they’ve been answered 1000 times. So if I don’t respond back to you as quickly as I used to please be understanding.

-If you’re getting error codes when downloading, try my backup file associated with each roster. Or just keep trying (it does download eventually). If you’re file downloads but doesn’t show up in your Load/Delete folder – please refer to the workaround I’ve posted several times on Operation Sports & Twitter. I have this same issue, but it works for me 100% of the time.

NFL Draft:

-As mentioned before, Rounds 1-4 are now included and will be the only ‘COMPLETED’ rounds on the main UPDATED20 Roster.

-Repeated Reminder: EA only allowed 112 CAPs (Create A Player slots) this offseason, so after the 112th rookie was created, I’ve begun converting the lowest rated rookies from the 2019 rookie class into this year’s draft class. This effects things like proper DOBs and of course deeper depth but it’s the only way possible to get this year’s rookies included.

-I was able to include 20 additional rookies tonight from Rounds 5-7. This includes all the QBs, Kickers and Punters as well. Because of limited options moving forward, I’m going to start hand picking additional rookies based off of user requests.

As of this evening, the Top 3 user requests have been: WR K.J. Hill [Chargers], T/G Jon Runyan Jr. [Packers] & UDFA TE Thaddeus Moss [Redskins]. I really don’t want to add Moss, I’m not even going to lie, so he will be last on my priority but I do understand the popularity aspect.

MY HUGE RECOMMENDATION AFTER TONIGHT’S UPDATE: if you want your team to have guaranteed draft picks from Rounds 5-7 — take this roster update tonight and get the players you want on your team converted. I am not promising they will be there on my end, but I will try. LET THIS BE MY OFFICIAL HEADS UP

-Several early round rookies were given rating adjustments tonight including Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Jefferson and Jalen Reagor. A total of 12 rookies were revised.

-Starting this week I’m going to be pushing for new jersey # assignment so please start throwing them my way if you get ahold of them before I do.

There you have it from the man himself.

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