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Madden 20 MUT: Christmas Catch Up

Madden NFL 20

Madden 20 MUT: Christmas Catch Up

So I’ve missed some things in MUT it seems, including prime Michael Vick, Sean Taylor, and Vita Vea becoming a running back. Let’s try to catch back up on things a bit.

Out Of Position Players – Set 2

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Starting with the second batch of Out of Position players, Vita Vea is the master this time around. The other players in the release include:

  • J.J. Watt (TE) – 93 overall
  • Quenton Nelson (FB) – 93
  • Jamal Adams (ROLB) – 91
  • Mohamed Sanu Sr. (QB) – 89
  • Mark Barron (SS) – 87
  • Jimmie Ward (FS) – 85

You will need TE J.J. Watt and FB Quenton Nelson to get the Vita Vea. Overall, these cards as a whole don’t look too interesting. Vita Vea and Quenton Nelson could both have short-yardage potential and blocking potential, but the slowness will hurt them on the blocking front. Sanu has solid enough throwing attributes, but he’s not a top-end speed guy, and he gets overshadowed when so many other QBs are getting top-end speed with better throwing attributes as well.

For those who are keeping up with the single-player content, there are also more Solos available in the OOP Training Camp set as of today.

Ghosts Of Madden Past

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The Christmas Day release included some heavy hitters to be sure. Vick has more uses than Bo Jackson this year and that continues here because the NFL 100 continue to dominate the running back spot. On top of Vick and Bo, we also got a Strahan and Mel Blount.

The nice thing about this Vick Master is that at least you get all the cards back as non-tradeable items, on top of getting the Power Up item.

The Solos tied to this included an update to MUTmas Carol and the 12 Days of MUTmas.

New Limited

The biggest news is that Sean Taylor made his return to Madden once again in Limited form.

It looks like a fantastic card once again, and it was improved because you can now get the Power Up from doing the Zero Chill Ultimate Challenges.

Now on to the NFL 100 QBs.

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