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Lonely Mountains: Downhill Arrives on October 23 - Details, Official Trailer & Screenshots Here

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Lonely Mountains: Downhill Arrives on October 23 - Details, Official Trailer & Screenshots Here

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 23. Watch the official trailer, read some of the details and view some screenshots below.

In Lonely Mountains: Downhill, it’s you and your bike against the mountain. Every mountain features several trails, and each trail has a variety of challenges for you to accomplish. In other words – you have some work cut out for you! Visit new mountains, explore new terrain and unlock new bikes with different features.

Each bike has its own advantages, so try each one to see which one best fits the trail and your playstyle! Some bikes are great for going off-road while others focus on large jumps, high drops or absolute speed. A shortcut that’s great for one bike might not be the best for another one! Not all paths down the mountain are obvious, so always keep an eye out (you might even find some beautiful resting spots along the way). Finding the best route down the mountain is key on your way to the top of the leaderboards.

You can certainly say that Lonely Mountains: Downhill can be a demanding experience. Successfully getting down the mountain is just the first step – and worth a Trophy in itself! But it gets even more fun when you start challenging yourself to do it without crashing once. Or to learn all the right paths down the mountain in order to set the fastest time possible! Make sure you hit each of the checkpoints before going totally off-road in the Free Ride mode!

If that all still sounds too easy for you, well, no need to worry! We’ve decided to increase the challenge even a bit more by adding a Night Mode. To master this mode you need to learn every nook and cranny of the trails, or the smallest pebble might become your downfall. Thankfully, your bike comes with headlights. Prepare to hit that share button many times to capture all your greatest victories… or most spectacular crashes.

Read more at the official PlayStation website.

Travel to the lonely mountains.

Explore the rich mountain worlds at your own pace or face the ticking clock. Each mountain features several trails – ride along quiet mountain lakes, majestic forests and steep canyons. A custom physics system lets you carefully drop from boulder to boulder, sprint over abysses or slide through muddy grounds.

Find your own way down.

It’s all up to you! Take the relaxing scenic route or go off-road to find the fastest way to the finish line! Master the tight and responsive controls to make your way to hidden resting places and secret shortcuts. No audience, no barrier tapes – experience a beautiful nature unspoiled by men.

Can you master all the challenges?

Unlock new difficulty modes and prove your speed-running talents on the leaderboards! Train your skills day and night to ultimately compete with the best riders in the world in the risky Free Ride mode! Each bike handles differently, so find the perfect one for your playstyle and make your way down the mountain to unlock dozens of paint jobs and outfits.


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