It Came From the Forums: Mike Lowe's Madden 20 Sliders

For the football-crazed out there potentially coming off the highs or lows of yesterday’s conference championship games, I have another set of Madden 20 sim sliders to pass along. I highlighted Matt10’s sliders last week, and Mike Lowe has another popular set you may want to try out.

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Mike Lowe puts some personal rules on himself as he plays, like no switching on defense, and overall this set is very much revolved around CFM mode. He integrates his sliders with some other XP sliders and really is looking to find a balance between simulating and playing the games with these sliders. In other words, if you’re really focused on getting somewhat realistic stats within CFM itself, you might really dig Mike’s sliders.


As always with any Madden 20 sim sliders you get from OS, the best thing to do is try out the new sliders for a couple games, and then at that point go give some feedback in the forum thread with your results. It’s always interesting to hear about the different results people are getting. Plus, sliders are an imperfect science, so getting more data points is never a bad thing.

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