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Is Play Now the Forgotten Mode or the Most Played Mode?

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Is Play Now the Forgotten Mode or the Most Played Mode?

If I’m being honest, I basically only use “play now” in sports games at this point. I can no longer get through the grind of an entire season, let alone multiple seasons of a franchise. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good franchise mode, but gone are the days where I can dedicate the time to them. I also don’t play online games in sports games. I just can’t deal with the randoms who have no interest in playing the game the “right” way.

This gives me a chance to play multiple sports games at one time instead of laser focusing on one game and neglecting the others. I kind of feel like I get my money’s worth this way. I enjoy sitting down in my chair and playing a game of Madden, then switching over to WWE 2K19 to get in a couple play now matches, and if I’m still awake enough I may throw in a game of NBA Live 19 or NBA 2K19.

I just feel like this gives me more value for my money that I spend on all these games every year. I understand that this will probably make people question my sanity, and maybe I am insane, who knows?

I also think playing this mode almost exclusively gives me a chance to play with multiple teams and have the experience of playing as some of the best players in the game. For example, I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, and who could stand playing every game with that group of players. I need to feel what it’s like to play as elite players such as James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook.

I love playing as my Browns in Madden, but I always feel the need to experience playing as some of the best players in the NFL. I recently started playing as the Cowboys mostly to experience one of my favorite former Buckeyes, Ezekiel Elliott. And who wouldn’t want to play as Alvin Kamara, Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Todd Gurley, just to name a few.

It’s a little more complicated with MLB The Show. Obviously I’m not getting through 162 games. I hate simulating. I also don’t really enjoy Diamond Dynasty very much. So even though baseball is my favorite sport in real life, I’ve cut The Show out of my rotation almost completely this past year. I don’t get the same feeling I do just playing random play now games as I do with the other sports games. I think one reason is that I’m pretty tired of the game in general. But that’s for another article.

So now my question is to you. How often do you use play now? Is there anyone out there like me who uses it almost exclusively? Do you find yourself moving gradually to doing it more often? Or is everyone on here a die-hard franchise player, and/or big fans of the card collecting modes? I know a lot of people play Diamond Dynasty exclusively in MLB The Show, and I honestly think that would be fun, but I just can’t get into it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. MLB the Show now has a feature where you can transfer your season save forward from year to year .... so you can continue playing the same in-game season each successive annual iteration of the game
    Always do Play Now.  Do not have time or energy to devote to full seasons or franchises.  I also prefer using classic teams which I or others create and just enjoy matching the 61 Yanks vs the 74 A's, or the 66 Packers vs the 89 49ers...classic match ups like that.  It's a shame that at least Madden plays differently in Play Now vs causes us to use different settings and sliders than everyone else to achieve perceived realism.
    I exclusively play "Play Now Offline" in all of my sports game. As a busy adult with a family, I dont have the time to invest in Franchise/Dynasty mode anymore and I dont play any games online, as the lack of maturity in all online gaming causes me more stress than it alleviates (which is why I play games in the first place, to relax.) Also as a former pro football player I have issues with people who think because they know "Madden" they know the game. So I keep to my offline Play Now.
    Wow that first paragraph is me in a nutshell.  I always think I'll get around to playing other modes but it's just easier and more convenient to hit play now and select watchever match up I want based on the teams and players I'm interested in or upcoming games.  
    Some people might think this is a waste or that I'm missing out on great modes but I always feel like I get my money's worth.
    I am similar, but I prefer to jump right into playoff mode (if available) or play a single season....(short season option in NHL or NBA games are a must for me). Pretty much the same reasons: limited time, I hate simming games, and I like the variety of frequently changing teams.
    Another thing I have done in the past with Madden was to sim a full season, and then play out each of the 11 playoff games....picking whichever team I felt like :laugh:. It was fun. I would recommend to anyone looking to play individual games with a postseason flavor. Worth noting that I predate video games, and as a kid played sports games that had cards & dice and I was content to play for both teams......a concept that is probably foreign and unappealing to most folks these days.
    I like playing regular seasons  and playoffs on the major team sports games always  using offline play now. I usuallyplay the games taking place on same day choosing the ones I prefer to play  (mostly using my favorite teams or those matching the best teams ).. I either play the whole game or simulate part of it depending on time availability. I then keep track of the scores and add/subtract to real  life team records  if the outcome differs from real life. This enables me to play with most updated rosters and stats’  every time and have the closest to  impacting a real life season with my gaming play which is what i’m interested in....I’d love one day to be able to play with a mode that progresses with real life scores and happenings but taking into account scores  and stats of games you’re able to play 
    NFL2k5 had this awesome Play Now feature where you could select your teams and then randomize the starters. As a head-to-head couch game, this really made it fun to fire up a game against your most loved and competitive friend over and over and over. 
    The only time I do Play Now is when I'm waiting for a roster. For The Show waiting for a roster is also the only time I play Diamond Dynasty. I'm a franchise player and playing Play Now just always feels like a waste of time for me, since I enjoy seeing progress during a season. 
    I love franchise mode in all sports games.  I need to be immersed in my universe to really enjoy the sports gaming.  I never use "play now."
    Like others, with work and family responsibilities, gaming is the last thing on the to-do list, don't do online. But I've taken to occasionally playing the Falcons game and/or a couple of the selected "headliner" games offered in Madden's Play Now mode. Haven't played every week but it seems like you're playing a season game, a tiny bit more "meaningful" than just some random exhibition game.
    Im completely opposite.  Ill play 1-2 games of play now off line to get a gauge of how to set my sliders. Ill play off line play now with the cousins, nephews,and friends.  other than that Im strictly off line franchise mode/ season mode.
    play now IMO, is wasted time, when playing alone.  I like the cumulative stats throughout a legacy mode.  the ups and downs of  building a team.
    I still play older legacy modes.  still playing NH2k8, NFL2k5,  college football, NCAA14, college footbalNCAA11
    all these games ,  allow  you to customize your experience so it makes the legacy/season modes less cumbersome if you want it to be. 
    I'm the same now. Working full time and being a full time care giver gives me a chance to get maybe an hour of gaming a day during the week and maybe 2 on the weekend. Madden nba and wwe 2k get my sport time. F1 gets my race time and RPGs like persona 4 and 5 clean up the rest. Add in trying to get a few missions in open world games and I find o have no time for season or career modes
    I have a career and family but I'm the complete opposite. I haven't touched Play Now and most games in years. I only play Franchise modes or Career modes. I like the sense of progression. 
    I’ve always enjoyed play now and like to play as many different teams to play as  some of my current players and as some of the former players on nba 2k especially. I love having historic teams and the  fact that you can download rosters from certain seasons like the 2002-2003 season on nba 2k is a blast to use. That’s when  McGrady, Kobe,  Iverson, and Shaq we’re at the height of their super powers. And you also had. MJ in his last yr.  I get tired of using same team over and over in franchise.  In play now, i honestly try to use some of my favorite players and try to recreate  some of their  moves or highlights they were known for 
    That is the only mode I really play to be honest...believe I or not, but me and my friends still play sports game in play now in couch co-op and the loser pass the controller to the next player
    I play season mode, and try to mirror the real-life seasons as best i can. I'm not into creating a "fantasy" hockey universe (i.e. franchise mode), and I'm not a 10 year old kid, so I don't collect cards or fool around with ultimate teams.
    I play this mode maybe once or twice a season. I am a franchise junkie. I will say that I have to agree with MLB the Show. I can't help but feel that baseball games have taken some of the fun out it by not allowing players some free roam gameplay after the play has ended. It almost feels robotic that once the ball is hit, the play is pretty much done and out of the game players hands. The animations take over the play, make the catch, throw the ball back to the pitcher, than off to the next play. There is very little involvement. I miss being able to throw the ball around post play. It gave a feeling of belonging and allowed us to see the different animations at work. I have to say that since the MVP days, baseball hasn't felt fun. The little intricacies make for great presentation, but does very little for the fun factor.
    I did not think there were going to be more than 5 people saying they use Play Now.
    This is me entirely. I used to want to get through a franchise mode and actually stopped purchasing sports games because I realized getting through a franchise was not possible. Now that I focus on Play Now only, I have much more fun with my sports games (assuming the game is any good).

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