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HYPER SPORTS R Coming to Nintendo Switch - Watch the Trailer


HYPER SPORTS R Coming to Nintendo Switch - Watch the Trailer

Remember Track and Field from Konami, the button smasher way back in the 80’s? They are bringing it back in a way, with a lgame called HYPER SPORTS R. The new sports simulation title, coming to the Nintendo Switch, comes with a variety of individual and team sports. Train a team to take on rivals as you race for a spot at the top.

In HYPER SPORTS R, players can choose from a variety of 20+ characters to build up and compete. Become the best competitor in a variety of different sports, which include track and field, beach volleyball and swimming.

HYPER SPORTS R will also feature several fun modes, a few of which include:

  • Quick Play: Play with up to four friends for a quick gameplay experience.
  • Campaign: Single-player mode; Build and train a team by completing various competitions and character story lines.

Compete with up to four players using Joy-Con for classic control, or opt for a more intuitive gameplay using motion controls during Quick Play mode.

Additional details, including more sports, modes, storyline and launch timing will be announced soon.

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