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How to Quick Pitch in MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23

How to Quick Pitch in MLB The Show 23

You’ll eventually find yourself pitching with runners on base while playing MLB The Show 23. Some of those runners will be base stealing threats that you’ll have to keep an eye on while effectively managing the running game. There are various ways to keep the running game in check but the most valuable is slide-stepping — also known as quick pitching. This can be used in multiple ways to not only check those runners, but also mess with a hitter’s timing.

Let’s talk about how to quick pitch in MLB The Show 23.

How To Quick Pitch In MLB The Show 23

Learning how to quick pitch in MLB The Show 23 is very easy. Obviously, you’ll need to be pitching from the stretch in order to do this.

Once you select your pitch, your pitcher will come set. At this point, if you hold LT or L2 (depending on console) you’ll be able to peek at the runner and assess their lead. Notice the very useful speed and steal attribute display to help you gauge the likelihood of the runner bolting.

To actually slide-step (quick pitch), you’ll need to select your pitch, then hit LT/L2 while then initiating the pitch. For inputs like meter or analog, it simply means pressing a button or pulling the stick. For Pinpoint Pitching, it means beginning the pitch gesture. Once you do this, your pitcher will successfully slide-step and you’ll have completed the quick pitch.

Why Quick Pitch?

You can use quick pitching for a couple key reasons. We mentioned controlling the running game, which simply means doing your best to limit your opponent from stealing. Quick pitching reduces the amount of time it takes the pitcher to throw the ball, effectively reducing the amount of time a runner has to get a good jump and steal the base.

Another reason to quick pitch is to throw off a hitter’s timing. The ball gets on a hitter much quicker when quick pitching (duh) so that can make it more difficult for a hitter to time the pitch. Keep in mind, however, that quick pitching also reduces the accuracy of the pitch. That doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed dirtball every time you do it, but it does decrease the chances that the pitch will land in the intended location.

One more notable tidbit about quick pitching in MLB The Show 23 — it’s bad online etiquette to do it constantly. Whether that matters to you or not ultimately depends on the kind of gamer you’d like to be. While it’s not game breaking and comes with an advertised debuff (lower accuracy) it might be considered cheesy if you spam it. Like anything else, if you do it and your opponent doesn’t adjust then that’s ultimately on them. It can be a very useful tool to keep in your back pocket, though. I’ll pull it out from time to time in situations where I think it’ll take my opponent by surprise when I need a key strikeout.

That’s all there is to it. You now know how to quick pitch in MLB The Show 23!

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