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How to Make Money Fast in Gran Turismo 7

How to Make Money Fast in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

How to Make Money Fast in Gran Turismo 7

A game like Gran Turismo 7 will always carry a large amount of longevity simply because of the nature of the title and the need to unlock multiple cars, tracks, and upgrades. This is acceptable and understandable in racing video games, but at what point does the grind become too much? The answer to that question is up to each person, but the fact remains that working your way through all the unlocks feels intrinsic to Gran Turismo 7 and the genre.

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For those already highly familiar with Gran Turismo 7, you have seen first-hand the basic infrastructure of the game, the story mode, the unlocks, and the time and effort it takes to secure all the in-game unlockable vehicles, tracks, and upgrades. What about players who have had limited or no exposure at all? For those looking to circumvent the system or expedite the process of having access to everything quickly? Well, welcome to the world of early adopters.

In Gran Turismo 7, the unlocking process is linear at best, with very few shortcuts. Still, some ways to earn cash in a fundamentally quicker fashion let you go shopping to buy the vehicle of your dreams or at least one better than you have.

How To Make Money Fast In Gran Turismo 7

The idea of earning as much cash as quickly as possible speaks to you, and that’s the whole point of this article. It is human nature to want what we do not possess and do so with as little effort as possible, at least for most of us. So where do we start to push the process with Gran Turismo? Great question, and here is where I would start.

Missions and license tests are my best friends in Gran Turismo for quickly earning credits. Why? Acquiring each license can provide substantial credits, especially as you progress deeper into the requirements. The best part of obtaining the permit and earning credits is that the runaround to try again is instant if you fail.

On top of being a quick route to credits, acquiring a license also provides rewards in vehicle unlocks.

  • National B License (Bronze): Renault Clio RS220 Trophy ’16
  • National B License (Gold): Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo ’91
  • National A License (Bronze): Volkswagen Scirocco R ’10
  • National A License (Gold): Subaru BRZ STI Sport ’18
  • International B License (Bronze): Toyota GR Supra Race Car Gr.4 ’19
  • International B License (Gold): Porsche Taycan Turbo S ’19
  • International A License (Bronze): Toyota 86 Gr.B Rally Car
  • International A License (Gold): Alpine A110
  • Super License (Bronze): Audi R8 LMS Evo ’19
  • Super License (Gold): Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019 Competition

Yes, the credits and rewards earned through obtaining each license are substantial. Still, the difficulty level rises as you progress, so be prepared to make multiple runs to get either gold, silver, or bronze at various times as the difficulty level increases.

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There are five different licenses to progress through, and each license has a subset of requirements to fulfill, with each rewarding you with credits earned that can be as little as 500 or up to 20,000 for the final exam found under the super license.

If you were to obtain gold on every sub-race and final exam for each license available, the total credits that could be earned are seen below:

  • National B License: 18,500
  • National A License: 29,000
  • International B License: 37,000
  • International A License: 47,000
  • Super License: 110,000

Total – CR: 241,500

As far as my alternative favorite to gain easily accessible credits, missions is the way to go in Gran Turismo 7. What are missions? Once you start progressing through the game, missions are the side quests of GT 7 that throw different challenges at you. Typically missions are easy to complete, but they require time and effort to be put into grind mode.

None of the missions I participated in set the bar for difficulty. Still, to get the proper benefit from them, you could look at an hour or more extended requirement to see a certain level of rewarded credits. Below you will see a breakdown of the most lucrative missions found in GT 7.

  • Tokyo Expressway: World Touring Car 600 – 1,750, 000
  • Sardegna Road: World Touring Car 800 – 1,650,000
  • 24 Hours of Le Mans: World Touring Car 700 – 1,600,000

As you can see, the following three missions listed above provide a hefty return on investment, but the investment, while low difficulty, can wear on you.

Other Ways To Earn In GT7

Above are just two of my favorite ways to earn because they offer quick and straightforward paths to gaining a large sum of credits without having to hit the track against opponents for the most part. If licensing and missions aren’t your thing(s), GT 7 offers many options to earn credits — most require a higher level of challenge and time consumption.

Completing story mode is an excellent way to obtain credits and cars, but it can be time-consuming, but continuing to hit the track against opponents is a fun way to enjoy the game and get credits and vehicles.

Lastly, Polyphony has updated GT 7 with the ability to now sell your cars after having them evaluated. Some, as expected, will draw much more in a sale than others, but unless you’re set on continuously building your catalog of cars with many that you will never use again, selling cars is quick and can be highly lucrative.

Bottom Line

Polyphony has made it evident from the release of GT 7 back in March that the path to enjoy and appreciate the experience of what Gran Turismo offers is extensive, but earning credits has no shortcuts involved for the most part.

What we have listed above will help you pursue whatever vehicle sits out there. Whether it be a favorite car from your past or a vehicle you must own to enter a specific race. The bottom line is that GT 7 has a fantastic array of vehicles, from concepts to the bygone eras of racing, and the focus needs to be on the journey and the destination.

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